Sunday, June 22, 2008

Too much service?

Didnt watch Sarkar Raj.. very disappointed!! Very glum :-(.. so uplifted mood by going to a bookstore.. and buying a lot of books. My mood gets instantly uplifted!!!! :-) So i need to wait for a week more to watch the movie.. hope it is still playing next week!!!

Had dinner at a place called Goa Portugesa .... the chappies who own it have 3 restaurants.. serving south indian, goan and maharashtrian food. We went to the south indian joint. While the food is nice, the place is irritating, overbearing, suffocatingly friendly!!!! When we walked in, we were asked if we had reservation. Even though they could seat us, they asked us to fill in details.. name, cell number etc... why? The guy told us.. so that we can contact you if you leave something like your cell here!!! If we left our cell here, you will not be able to contact us!!!!! All this to have some food!!

Then once we sat down, 3 -4 menus are thrust upon at us... we decided on south indian.. every 5 mins, some other literature is given to us... the menu of their maharashtrian restaurant, some lietrature about the owners, their visiting card etc... we gave the order for some starters... post which another 2 ppl asked us if we wanted to place the order... everytime we even lifted our hand (maybe gesturing when talking or something.. you cant even scratch for the fear of a waiter coming by), one guy would land up at our table..

when eating, the owner also dropped by... asked bout the food.. but he did have some ulterior motive... he asked which all of his restaurants we had visited.. to which we named the 2 places (except the maharashtrian joint)... he was like.. you must visit that place (this is after the waiters had already done the selling part not once but twice).. my wife has done so and so.. maharashtrian food is not only wada pav etc.. about 5 mins were devoted to this place...and all of this conversation was happening when we were eating.. we were polite enough to stop eating ... it was so strange!!!

And of course, just before we left, the singer also came.. "a song before you leave?" Actually poor guy.. he has to sing while we all eat!!!

But anyway, maybe there were only 2-3 tables occupied when we were there... perhaps thats the reason why they were like this...

Compare this place to Madras cafe (which I talked about in one of my previous blogs)... Madras Cafe is friendly without being overbearing.. they genuinely like talking to their customers.. and they do leave people alone...


Scarlett said...

Trust me, you did yourself a favor by not watching Sarkar Raj.

Anonymous said...

But i still wanna watch it... even if it is a punishment !! :)