Friday, June 20, 2008

Girl to girl connect

To follow up on the last thread of conversation.. (also picked up by Mommie ... remind me to introduce the two of u).... this girl to girl connect thing is so true!!!

Recently something happened and it was strange.. went like this.. on the london holiday that i went to (u know, i will keep on talking about it... thats the only way i can say for sure i did go.. there are so many things happening at work that it seems like a dream)... anyway, on this holiday i went to cornwall along with our friends... in the night we decided to play dumb charades.. girls vs boys... my partner was enacting Gladiator.. so she tried to enact glad.. but all i got to was " happy", "smile" etc.... so she split the word glad into 2.. acted out the activity of "drinking water"... and guess what i guessed.. i guessed "glug, glug glug".. and in a second guessed glad and therefore gladiator... the guys didnt know what hit them.. all this happened in a matter of seconds!!!! Although to be fair to her, she was trying to make me guess "gulp"!!!!!!! lol
But it was just a matter of connection!!! And the guys just couldnt figure out.. "how in the world did you guess????" was the only thing they could say for the next few mins!!!!!

Another one incident - i was talking to a "girl" colleague of mine at work - and mentioned that one feels sad when watching hindi movies but one doesnt feel that sad when watching english movies!! And she could completely get it!!!

This one time I told my husband (then would be) when driving.. i can smell the sunshine on me... and he was like... are you all right??? And when i told this good friend of mine the same thing... she went like.. yeah, its so strange.. at times i also feel it.. or something to that effect...

Having "Girl" friends is as important as having boyfriends or husbands... Guys do not get all the things... Being a girl is a lot of fun.. and of course life is so much more fun if you get to hang out with other girls who are on the same wave length as you are.... some of us used to hang out together at my place a few months back.. almost every week... it used to be so much fun!!! And the staying the night at your friends place is the best..... i wonder if guys have as much fun!


the-mommie said...

Gosh! "smell the sunshine" was definitely a bit much for him to get! lol! But I know what you mean - surprise surprise!!!

There's this one song from Saathiya that always makes me feel like its raining - Aye udi udi (the adnan sami song). I mean without fail!! Every time I hear this song.... every single time.... without exception.. i always look out of the window expecting rain!

Moonshine said...

Yeah!!! Some of the songs have such associations... the title song of the same movie reminds me of delhi winters... brrrr

Scarlett said...

Hanging out at ur place! Say aye! :)

Moonshine said...

I know.. we had lots fun.. gossiping , having chai... miss the good old days!!!

Why arent you blogging?

Scarlett said...

Had run out of ideas. Also, didn't have an inclination to write for a while. But have posted something recently. Am starting another blog. And planning to start 2 more...theme based :)

Anonymous said...

I totally know what smelling the sunshine means!!!!!