Sunday, June 22, 2008

Movie funda

I was just filling water in my 18 bottles (will explain it sometime later) ... and was also thinking of what should i talk about in today's post... Spent half the day today watching TV (rest half was working) - watched sarfarosh, little bits of king kong, gone in 60 secs, 2 wimbledon shows... and now finally logged on, ... and here i am...
I am also, on the side, updating myself with Amitabh Bachchan's blog!

I am a big movie buff... And a big big fan of Amitabh Bachchan. He has such a persona that you just cannot help yourself, being a fan i.e. ... i have watched most of his movies (not all.. most , actually many of them enumerable number of times)... There is something about him that draws you to him

... there are only some people in the industry whose movies you want to watch ... doesnt matter if you have not read any reviews... doesnt matter if you do not know anything about these movies..

One of them is of course, Amitabh Bachchan... Others include Aamir Khan and also Mani Ratnam (though havent seen all his movies either).. I dont know why but whenever any of their movies get released, you definitely want to watch it.. maybe its because of their sincerity to cinema... you want to watch because it is Aamir Khan's movie.. and if he is associated with it, then it would definitely be worth it. There have been some dissapointments of course, (with this funda), but by and large it works!!!

I remember, a few years back.. my colleagues and I were chatting at work.. somehow we started talking about Amitabh Bachchan... and then we were at it for the next few hours... recounting every movie.. every dialogue (that we could remember)..... Deewar, Abhimaan, Mili, Chupke Chupke, Sholay, Hum, Don, Satte pe Satta, Majboor etc etc.. Just 2 days back too we were talking about the same.. the number of times each one has seen Sholay...

We met him.... my colleagues and I... I still think.. would he remember that we had met him and spoke to him for 15 mins??? And then i think its possible.. in his lifetime, possibly, he would never have met anyone who didnt mention that they were his fans... he might remember us as the only girls who didnt take his autograph / photograph!!!! lol..

I talk about movies today.. coz we have booked an early morning (11am Sunday is definitely early morning) show for Sarkar Raj.. Cant wait to watch it... missed Bhootnath though :-(


Scarlett said...

You guys havent gotten over your Sunday morning movie fixation yet! Lol. I still havent been able to get the concept! :)
I was very disappointed by Sarkar Raj. Be ready for Sarkarni (Sarkar Raj 3) & Cheeku Sarkar (Sarkar Raj 4). LOL :))

Moonshine said...

Sunday morning movie means less expensive tickets.. a whole day to yourself..

thats another story that we didnt go for the movie today.. its postposned to next weekend!!! :-)

Moonshine said...

And you can combine it with temple visit at matunga, breakfast at madras cafe and then movie.. finish it with lunch.. you are back home by evening.. with a lot of time to chillax before starting your week all over again

Scarlett said...

It also means getting up insanely early on Sunday!!! :)