Thursday, June 26, 2008

london sojourn - 2

I remembered 2 more things to write about.. so here i am again back from dead (sleep i.e.).. i carried all skirts that i possessed on this trip.. short ones, long ones, printed, plain... everything... no prizes for guessing what happened.. it rained and was cold!!! Couldnt wear the skirts.. was wearing jeans most of the time..... except for one day when i decided.. enough!!! Wore a skirt... was freezing cold but still wore it!! Ah, success is sweet :-)

Have you ever paid a pound to pee? 1 pound = 86 Rs. Imagine!!!!! It cost actually 50 p to use the loo... and it could only happen to me... the stupid machine ate my 50p and didnt open the gate...!!!!

And of course, my craving for Indian food… point to note here is that we were staying with an Indian family at London.. so we were getting Indian food everyday… On the few days we ate out.. like at the globe, I ordered for a baguette.. I asked everything bout the filling… but little did I know it would be cold.. stone cold.. and was sitting like a lump in my stomach!!!! Lesson learnt - ask if food is warm or cold!!! At cornwall (was very cold), ordered for vegetable soup… the veggies were pureed.. it was awful….for 1 ½ days survived without Indian, eating bread, more bread…at Liverpool, we stopped (by chance) right in front of an Indian restaurant.. and I was delighted.. shamed but delighted.. my husband did try to coax me out of it reminding me about Anthony Bourdain.. but to no avail.. had dal rice… was in seventh heaven!!!!!!


the-mommie said...

uff! terribly dude! n u mustave paid a dish to get a serving of dal-rice!

I've pobably put my foot in my mouth with this comment and will be coming back with an apology in a few months by the looks of things though! :)

Moonshine said...

I am dead sure thats gonna happen!!!!! After you get to eat breads only .. in the next few months.. years