Monday, June 23, 2008

Mystery of 18 bottles

Well, i was thinking of what to write... since i had mentioned that i will explain the mystery of 18 bottles (i mean bottles to fill water) later... it is "later" now i guess...

We have an aquaguard filter at our place. Unfortunately, it is so placed that the wire does not reach the plug point on the wall.... So while in most of the households, it is a simple matter of switching the machine on, it is not so for us..

First we need to get the extension cord... plug it in.. so you might think there are only 2 steps additional.. why do we still need so many bottles? There are a few more steps to be able to start drinking water actually...

1) Get the extension cord which is plugged in somewhere in the balcony
2) Plug it in the kitchen (this is also a procedure as our extn cord is not working properly... so it has to be placed quite strategically for it to function!!!)
3) Put the chopping board in the sink so that you get an even surface to place the bottle ... your sink has to be clean & should not have any utensils)
4) Fill one bottle of water .. fill it to the brim and then throw it away (much like wine tasters do.. drink and spit it out.. only in this case we do not drink it)!!!!! Apparently, the machine has to be left on for 5 mins before you can start filling!!!
5) Then after filling, each bottle needs to be wiped clean of water!!!

Now do you know there are 18 bottles (the stress here is not on the number 18 but the fact that there are so many bottles!!!)?? I cant imagine going through this process everyday or once every 2 days (esp since i am the one who does it usually) !!!!!!!

So there.... the mystery of 18 bottles is solved!


Scarlett said...

Filling water was an adventure at my Dadar house as well. Our Aquaguard was above the sink & we didn't have many small bottles, we had a 20 litre Bisleri bottle which had to be kept slanted in the sink. And it wouldn't stay, so we had to put a chopping board on one side & our non-stick pan on the other to make it stay! And getting the plug to reach the plug point used to be a struggle as well. Lol...good times :)

the-mommie said...

didn't get one thing here. why do you fill the undrinkable water in the bottle - you're going to throw it away in anycase right? or maybe i'm just really slow! :D

Moonshine said...

You are supposed to leave it on with water flowing for 5 mins or so... if you leave it on just like that the water splashes all over.. thats why keep a bottle below the nozzle , fill it and throw it all away!!!

Scarlett said...

my grandmother does that too! lol
and she insists on rinsing all the bottles with aquaguard water before filling them up!!

Moonshine said...

Well, i dont do that!!!!! cant imagine doing that!! not that finicky, no.... :-)