Thursday, December 23, 2010

Adrian Mole .. dont go ..

He is ill  :((

I just finished the latest one.. Adrian Mole , the prostrate years..

In the flight.. I was praying as I was racing through the book..hoping she doesn't kill him!!!!


The book is still funny.. though the world is not sunny (I did mean sunny and not funny!!) anymore.. as it used to be! One of my favourite literary characters.


I just got back from Bombay today. I am happy to be home.. I have been out for the entire week.. and by yesterday I was craving to be back home.. in my bed.. doing what I do .. instead of going to a guest house!!! I am growing old. Thats what it is.


My most exciting moment of the week : has to be when Scarlett messaged me on Tuesday to tell me Sidin Vadukut of Dork fame had commented on my blog!!!!!!! What a moment!!! My presentation was going to the dogs... the data was all c**p..the client was sitting on my head ....And I had a happy smile on my face.. my colleagues were astonished.. I had a spring in my step.. and feelings of pure joy were radiating from me..everything that the client was saying during the meeting was falling on deaf ears and I was all smiles!! He must be fuming... must be thinking.. what in the world are you doing woman.. you miserable twit.!!

And the most taxing moment , frustrating moment - not accessing blog during this time due to excessive work share the joy!!! Hrrrmmphh. Can be very frustrating.

Anyway, so I was on cloud 9.. and Bombay, the presentation, and everything else actually passed me by in a haze.


And I missed you guys so much... I am so happy to be back to my bed, home and my laptop. :)) I cant wait to meet my friends at work!!! You can make gagging kind of sounds, all that you want.. but its true!!!


Its Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we had secret Santa at work. Everyone participated.. I was secret Santa to our security guard.. and from the day it was announced till yesterday we had to make our secret"child (that sounds weird) feel good. So I sent one egg puff on day 1.. chocolates on day 2.. a Christmas cake on day 3 and finally a box of chocolates on the final day!! Other people were more enthu and did nicer things :)

What did I get ? I will let you know tomorrow... I am so very excited.. being the materialistic person that I am....... I love getting gifts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so very very very exciting.

On that note. goodnight!! And can I say once more.. I am happy to be back :))


Scarlett said...

I'm glad to have brought some cheer to your stressful trip. Actually, Sidin did...but I'm glad I was the relayer (is that a word?).

I think you should get the unlimited internet plan for your BB. I'm contemplating it too. Or what's the point owning a BB?

We're playing Secret Santa too but only 4 of us. We're exchanging gifts today. But your version of Secret Santa sounds more fun - you send the person gifts everyday. How exciting!

The knife said...

I bought a couple of Bombay Store jams as Secret Santa...but bigger question, why didn't I know you were at Mumbai!!!

Congrats on the Sidin high :)

The Aidy Mole book was too deflating

Scarlett said...

@Knife - Yes, yes ask her why she didn't tell you she was in Bombay! She was there for 3 whole days!! :P

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - I've just finished reading the first Adrian Mole. It was hilarious! He's adorable!

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett Yes you did bring me cheer... after all you were the messenger!!! And I made you type out the entire message :)) So yes, you are the cause of my cheerfulness!!!! Point of owning a BB is that it is a nice phone and IM is free ;) Secret santa was exciting. I got a diary.. I ahve no idea who my secret santa was.. I was not at work. So no clue!!!

@Knife Thank you!!! I am very happy. Jams is such a ncie gift.. I know Mommie used to give it away as a gift for birthdays!!! You didnt know I was in bombay because... I was working real late... right from Mon-wed.. up till 2am in the morning everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I would feel really bad about calling and then not meeting!!! But I promise.. next time, I will .. I am hopeful of you taking me out to some nice place for food!!!! :)

Aidy Mole was sad no.. It was very depressing.

@Scarlett Yeah, wedge the knife in!!!!!!

Adrian Mole is a brilliantly written book. You will enjoy the rest too!!!!