Thursday, December 2, 2010

Headaches, you ask!!

I get headaches very often! That would be about once in 2 weeks.. maybe!

I get headaches because of  -

Too much stress
Washing my hair at night
Washing my hair when its cold
Traveling by rick when chilly and not adequately warm
When I feel cold either due to weather or AC
When I travel a lot
When I sleep too much
When I sleep too less (less than 9 hrs)
When I stare at the machine for too long
If I do not eat, skip meals
If I put coconut oil on my head for too long

Basically I get a headache because of anything and everything... AC is the culprit more often then not!!

I get this from my mom's side of the family.. everyone has headaches!!! 

Well, saridon is my best friend.. I just took one. I definitely do not belong to the set of people who do not pop pills at mere headaches!!! I do not know or understand why people choose to sit through so much pain in the hope that it will go away.. the pills are created for a reason right!!

So anyway, today, the reason I think is............ cold... yup! Definitely the chill in the air and the washed hair combination!!!


The knife said...

ACs and saridons sounds oh so familiar..take care and avoid direct drafts

Moonshine said...

@knife I usually carry a shawl when I know I am going to sit in the conference room for a long length of time... though its kind of difficult to wrap it around my head during meetings!! :)

mêlée said...

take care.
weather is getting really chilly these days!

Scarlett said...

I love wearing woollen caps. They look so cute! And chic!

BTW, maybe you should get your eyes checked once?

Moonshine said...

@melee Yeah it is extremely chilly isnt it!!! Time to stay wrapped in a blanket and have hot tea.

@Scarlett I used to love wearing sweaters.. you get really nice ones in Delhi.. And I used to love winters.. In fact I used drive with my windowns rolled down!! :)

These days I cannot tolerate the cold though. I did get my eyes checked.. no problems there!

soul speaks said...

Hi, Welcome to the club. I am having a headache almost everyday now, I think it is the AC, it is warm inside and so cold outside. I get headaches for no rhyme or reason, I really do not know!! And 'tiger balm' is my best friend, but I cant apply it during work as I am sure , all the people will run awy. I am sure people are not addicted to it as I am, I get panicky if I cant find my bottle.. err. of the tiger balm that is!! :)

Moonshine said...

@soulspeaks You do not believe in taking pills is it? Keep Saridon with you!! And I do not use Tiger balm but my eternal companion, vicks!!! AC is the biggest culprit!!!! And heaches can get so nauseating!! Last time I had one, I almost burst into tears as I could not find my saridon / crocin.. even walking was difficult!!!!!!