Sunday, December 12, 2010

4 pairs of chappals, 2 pairs of al..

I just need one comment to get a boost and put in a post immediately!!! haha...

So here goes..


All you need to do is laugh a lot and believe me your day goes well. I have experienced this!! You literally float on air.. Only one thing you should be careful about.. accepting more work in all your happiness.. You may regret that!


I just finished reading connect the dots. It is quite an amazing book... so inspiring.. to read about these people who made it big.. just because of their passion and commitment. I wish I were'nt such a scaredy rat. :(


Took mom to Chitra Kala Parishat yesterday. It is a fair like thing wherein people from all over India put up their stalls.. handicrafts. clothes, paintings, ceramic... I bought 4 pairs of chappals and all together only for 700 bucks. Quite a steal. And 2 pairs of earrings.. 50Rs!!

I would have bought more.. there were lampshades.. rugs... diffusers... candles.. candle stands.. bedspreads..mugs..

A bought bastar men frames and 2 wooden boxes inside which you can light incense sticks.. it ensures ash does not fall anywhere.. and incense remains hidden inside the box..


Please watch the soap..saas bina sasural one day. It is very strange.. and thus humourous. This girl gets married into a household with very many men and no women. The day she walks into the house, she sees a mountain of unclean dishes, occupying one room!!! How is that even possible!! Apparently the men, each one of them, eat 3 plates of rice everyday...  And she cleans the kitchen in her nice clothes and jewellery... her father in law instructs her that she needs to get the food ready everyday by 1.30 as they like to eat then.

That I found extremely sad, not to say annoying. The first day in a new house.. and she is expected to do everything.. I guess that is the reality in many houses.

Though one thing I really really liked.. and believe me I was completely astounded to see this coming my way.. So the new bride cooks rice and daal on her first day. And while she is cootchie cooing with her husband, a roach falls into the daal. And this is where I was flabbergasted.. actually I should say happy.. the husband, to my delight, does not tell her to cook everything again or that his father / family cannot to be served this trash.. he actually removes the roach from the daal and asks her to serve the dish as is .. to his family. And asks her to keep her trap shut!!

I was so happy to see that at least there is at least one serial in which they have shown a progressive husband.

Tomorrow is monday again :((  ..on the top of that no Marion in MC australia.


mêlée said...

I planned and planned and planned to go there. But what to proposes, God disposes :(
Looks like an interesting assembly of craft thingy.
Shoes are Naaaaice :)

Scarlett said...

I like the blue & black chappals. I regret not having bought the chappals we saw on Brigade Road. I should've bought them!

True, no Marion in MC Australia. I sent her a message on FB :) She hasn't replied though :(

soul speaks said...

Hi Moonshine, Nice name and nice blog.. thanks to 'Finely chopped', who brought me here. Now hopping on to read more.

warm regards

Moonshine said...

@melee Its ok.. go next time.. they put it up every year!!!! I have managed 2 trips so far... Only thing was it was too crowded... Thanks!! The collection was quite nice...

@Scarlett Blue and black are cute!! Rest are more traditional ones :) Next time Scarlett, I will let you know when this fair happens.. You come!! You messaged her on FB? Thats quite cool.. Let me also check her page.. I will "like" her :)

@Soul speaks Thanks a ton. My thanks to finely chopped too!!!! He does send some traffic this side :)) ..