Wednesday, December 1, 2010

love it or leave it

I have been leaving it.. mostly.

Today again at work (yes, I have very many conversations at work),  we were talking about pursuing interests. And how we would not be able to sit at home doing nothing.. I know I am like that.. I need to work. I cant think of life without work.

Anyway, the point is, I thought of what my interests were - And I came up with reading, movies and of course blogging.

Till date I have never been able to sustain any activity that I have tried to pursue :

1) Drawing - yes I used to draw in school. Then one fine day, as an adult I decided I need to have some interests outside work and drawing was it!! I bought a sketch pad.. pencils.. colours , a book that teaches sketching.. I did it for one day .. exactly one day. Since then, I have torn out pages out of sketch pad and written letters!!! :))

2) Drawing again - 2nd attempt after 2 yrs. This time told A to teach me. He is good at sketching.. he made me draw a wooden chest.. and then told me about perspectives.. and then made me draw again and again.. till I just got up and left.

3) Swimming - yes, that still remains as the no 1 thing to do!! I found out eveything about classes - about 3 times and in different cities. Right now, its too cold to learn.. brrrrrrrrr

4) Learning a language - I decided first thing I should do is learn to read and write my own mother tongue.. my book on "learn malayalam in 30 days".. remains unopened.

5) Gym - you already know what I did. I also used to walk in bombay.. I think I did that for about month and then got bored. I bought walking shoes and gym clothese too!!!

6) Albums - I decided (yet again), that I should create an album of our jaunts..( I do not particularly like digital pics).. starting with london.. I bought a notebook which has handmade paper.. and I wrote LONDON on the first page..after that awesome (being sarcy here) start, I just didnt feel like doing anything with it and the notebook remains as empty as ever!! Oh if that wasnt enough, I bought a bright lime green colored book to record our pondicherry trip too... and it looks pretty.. pretty and empty.

I do not seem to learn my lessons, do I!!

So basically my interest wanes.. I make excuses like.. it is too cold.. do not get ricks.. I will join once I buy a car.. its too early in the morning.. its too late in the evening.. too much work.. its weekend...blah blah blah!!!!!  Nothing holds my attention.

Now blogging is the only thing that I have been able to sustain my interest in... And boy am I surprised. And I dont know how... look at all my pathetic excuses (as above) !!!
So the reason I came up with :

a) I have my circle of blog friends who I interact with - I read their blogs, they read mine. I am happy at knowing more people .. and there is no pressure to go out.. and meet .. one can just opine if one wants to.. or not!!! Know some people more.. know interestign people.. know who you want to know

Basically its only because of you guys that I have been blogging.

Of course, you cannot sustain anything if you are not remotely interested!! SO some credit, I do give to myself. You have to be motivated to blog. And I am motivated even now! Its been 2.5 yrs!!!

Actually I almost didnt blog - when I had to start the site.. I saw the form and freaked.. and I was like.. God... I have to fill so much information. And thinking of a name for the blog etc etc and I left it. And Scarlett insisted that I try once. And my first post... I felt ridiculous .. writing to myself on a public forum!

Thank you Scarlett for persisting.......... for introducing me to this fun! :) I would never have known it otherwise.


The knife said...

addictive isn't it? Scary at times. Fulfilling at others

Scarlett said...

Hey! I just read this post, being sick n all :(

But you just made my day!! :D

I'm so glad you blog and even happier that you do it with the same kind of enthusiasm today as when you started. I LOVE to read your posts.

And you're right, we blog as much for the people who read our blogs as for ourselves. And there's a whole bunch of people reading your blog, so keep at it :)

The knife said...

btw met Oliver yesterday and then adopted a duck for Finely Chopped...was tempted to call it pate :)

Gobri said...

I think it is easy to sit at home and do nothing. It is unimaginable to begin with... but not hard to practice. I speak from experience :)

Moonshine said...

@Knife Extremely addictive!! Scary -only initially, actually change that to silly. I felt quite silly initially!!! Fulfilling - everyday, I swear!!!! Especially when I see the comments on the blog :)

@Scarlett Thank you!!! You are such a sweetheart.. thanks for introducing me to blogging!! And my downtime on blogging coincides with you guys not writing!! Wonder why ;)

@Knife So what did you call it? NOT PATE I hope :)) Even I know what a pate is now.. courtesy MC Aus !! :)

@Gobri I think you have your day planned around you!!! I dont have any interests at all!!!! Whereabouts are you btw??

mêlée said...

blogging is fun :) esp the way we meet new people and get to know about them :)
But whats with the swimming? When r u going to start? :D
lets join a painting class together :)

Lakshmy said...

There are ppl like me who are addicted to ur blog. Keep writing..

Very sorry that i rarely leave a comment!!

Moonshine said...

@Lakshmy Thanks for dropping by!! Am so excited that you are "addicted" to my blog :))

Please leave comments!!! I Live for it :)

Moonshine said...

@melee I plan to start soon!!!! My definition of soon is : do not ask :) I have no clue..

And on painting class.. You must be good!!!! I am below beginner level :))