Sunday, December 19, 2010

While I work over the weekend...

I hate working weekends. And as you can see I am in no mood to work.. since I am blogging and not working.. this slavery never stops!! Ho hum

But anyway on to a brighter note...


I finished Dork and boy is it a hilarious book!!!! I picked it up on Scarlett's recommendation. When I started reading the book.. I was like "Oh man, this is going to be a crass humour" kind of a book!! But joy behold.. it is not!!!! It seriously is laugh out loud funny.. literally!!!

It is about a Mallu Man trying to fit himself in, by hook or by crook in a consultancy firm!! What did I love about the book - whats there not to like!!! The affable character 'Robin Einstein Verghese' who in all his funny ways, is the most super confident being on the planet, no matter what the rest of the world thinks... and he is not worried either.. he breezes through without much of a care in the world.

When I say its laugh out loud funny.. it literally was for me. I narrated  the incidents from the book to my colleagues to work and went hysterical with laughter...  and that day when I came back home, I was like, was it really so funny. I dont think so.. it always seems funnier when you are in a bunch of hysterical people... and you also kind of, KIND OF start exaggerating things ... a wee bit....when you see everyone hanging on to every word... so that night when I started reading the book, I was conscious of the fact that I had read 2 chapters and not laughed out loud even once. I thought it was all in my imagination - OR what I liked to think I did.

And suddenly I started laughing and couldn't stop... even when I shut the book to get some sleep.. I was shaking uncontrollably with laughter remembering the book.. A, who was snoring away to glory by my side, woke up with a start and asked why I was crying!! lol

The scene was - Robin buying off a micro from his hated roommate when he leaves.. and he wants to cook food in the micro.. and suddenly he says.. that ba***d... the micro would only switch on for 20 secs.. so he has to stand next to it and press it every few secs.. and it took him 1 hour to make Instant chicken curry!!! And I laughed and laughed and laughed till I started crying!!!!!!!!!

It is a very good take on consultants.. actually office life in general.. the faffing.. the put on camaraderie...all of us who work would be able to identify with it!! And of course being a mallu I do identify with the mallu-ness.. what with babykuttys and blossoms..

Apparently a part of the trilogy.. I am waiting with bated breath. I am buying the next 2 too, Sidin.

I was so enamoured by the book.. I did a bit of search on the author Sidin Vadukut. Read his blog - which is as awesome as his book!! Read his post on his trip to to Sri Lanka.. I was rumbling with laughter even when reading that.. He is good. Now I "like" him on facebook, follow him on twitter and follow his blog as well!!

I have told everyone I know to buy the book.. and I have managed one sale as well!!! I should get commission!!! :))

Why cant I ever write like this!!! I want to be an author and make trillions.


Now I am onto reading The Girl who kicked Hornet's nest. I am also reading the universal history of numbers - I hate numbers but I like history. So there!!! More about my love for maths in the next post!!!!


I feel like the times when we used to have exams... When you need to study.. and you so do not want to study.. you take a break because of the smallest of reasons... you live for the breaks. That is my situation right now. I am chatting with people.. watching all kinds of mind numbing TV.. doing timepass.. I just dont feel like working!!!

Cant I just run away.


Off to bombay tomorrow .. thankfully an evening flight.

Watched MTV bakra after a long time.. Cyrus is a butcher who is offering fresh mutton to people.. and the fresh mutton is actually a human being.. one of the fresh pieces start screaming suddenly asking the shopper to help him....!!!! The guy got a scare.. scare is an inadequate term!!!! Cyrus will get beaten up one of the days!!!! In fact if I remember correctly, he did!!!

Screeching women on splitsvilla.. such a derogatory show.. why do women do it..


Now I should get back to work I think.. :((

I am not able to get the highlight to go!! oops.


Scarlett said...

I will never recommend 'crass humor' book to you! I have very little patience for them myself.

And reality check, Indian authors don't make trillions...or billions...or millions for that matter :)

Scarlett said...

Even the entire ball bearing episode was very funny. And the party incident at Taj. I think I'll read the book again!

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett When it started I just thought it is going to another one of those yuppie books.. Have picked up some and regretted it!!!! But yes, since it was your recco, I bought it :))

Wouldnt Sidin have made in lakhs at least for this book????

The party incident was funny.. the 300,000 you tube hits!!! Or Gauri coming out of room mate's room.. while his lungi covered only his left foot!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahhaha.. the biscuits placed on the other side of the projector..which actually has happened many a times to me.. and he is introduced as an auto expert.. another tick on that for me..has happened to me!!!! rofl

The knife said...

I am wary of picking up books written by bloggers after reading my fellow bong's book...having second thoughts after reading this...working on weekends suck

Moonshine said...

@knife I would love to quote a "muhawara" but for the life of me cannot remember it!!!

Some bloggers disappoint - Meenakshi Madhavan Reddy for sure being one.

But nevertheless.. i will surely pick up your book if you write one ;)

Sidin said...

Thank you guys! Happy to have amused you a little. And in terms of income, well the books do make a few lakhs. But that's about it. And when you think about it, that isn't a lot of money.

So you can't make a grand living off it. But you can make ends meet and hope other writing comes your way too.

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan's book (You Are Here) was THE WORST book I've read EVER. She's worse than Chetan Bhagat. And her second book is called 'Confessions of a List Maniac'. How original!!! I didn't ever bother buying it.

@Knife - 'Dork' is one book you'll really enjoy. It's laugh-out-loud funny. It won't be a waste, I promise!

Moonshine said...

@Sidin WOW!!! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog.. I am basking in your celebritydom!!!! :) In fact I can claim that I have "interacted" with you... remotely.. but yeah.. why not!!!!! And on money.. make the movie into a book.. voila!! :) Aamir Khan Productions!!! And in any case, your book is way better than 5 point someone. :))

Please wite more!! Eagerly awaiting the next edition.

@Scarlett I know!! For some reason I bought the first one.. just because blogger turned into wuthor story!!!!

Moonshine said...

@Sidin.. Being an author is a fantasy!! I dont necessarily follow through!!!! Someday though!!!!!!!!!