Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fly in the food

'Yes, sir,' said Jeeves in a low, cold voice, as if he had been bitten in the leg by a personal friend. - Carry on Jeeves

Today we all went out to dinner at an eatery in Bandra and one of my colleagues actually found a fly in his pasta dish and that too when he had almost finished eating... so then we ordered for some fresh food... what about the food he had already had???? If a person is non - veg is it ok if he finds a fly or any other insect for that matter in his food ... is it "blasphemy" if it is found in a veg platter? What about jain?

It was a strange conversation - i am sure each and every one of us irrespective of our culinary leanings would object to finding a fly in the food!!!! One of my friends from college (we used to be in a hostel), found a lizard in the custard.. which he was just about to eat... the story goes that the lizard (which was alive) put his head out and that chap was just about to swallow it!!! Ugggggghhhh... In our mess, there used to be a quarterly cleaning exercise.. and during that time we used to find rats, roaches etc all over the place.. we are not really picky... as long as they didnt turn up in food we were ok. Yuck!!! Age reduces tolerance levels i think..

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