Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Shopping to shop more

As a rule, I do not shop too much.... If I get stuff that i want, quickly, then I am happy... which is usually never the case... because of which i get bored shopping!

This weekend we are traveling to London for a 2 week long vacation!!! Since London is quite expensive, we decided to shop for whatever we need here itself (what exactly was the funda i really dont know!!!) instead of spending money there!! So we went mad shopping.. over 2 weekends!! But in my heart i know that we will end up buying some stuff from there.. momentos for family and friends and all... so basically we spend (as good as spent) a whole lot of money.. in buying stuff from here and then picking up stuff from there as well.

Whenever you know you are going to spend money, you spend much more than planned... the basic ideology being..." its ok! how many times will you do this.. its a once in a lifetime thing" ...(Its a killer dialogue...I get so very easily convinced by it!!! :-)) .. it just makes you binge so much more!!!


Scarlett said...

Shopping is very tempting in London. They've got some really amazing stuff, so watch out! Actually, you should've saved to shop there!

Moonshine said...

Unfortunately, too late.... :-(

lol.. lets see how much can i control my temptation!!!