Friday, May 16, 2008

An out of body experience

"A crashing sound like that made by a herd of hippopotami going through the reeds on a river bank attracted my notice and I beheld Spode approaching at a rate of knots with the obvious intention of resuming at as early a date as possible his investigations into the colour of Gussie's insides." - Bertram Wooster

What better way than to start a dialogue using humour! Before getting into the "out of body experience" bit, I need back track and explain a little! I often think about how language originated.. as in how did each alphabet get invented? Who thought of it? Who thought of calling a table, a table, a chair, a chair and so on and so forth... who decided there should be these 26 alphabets which will address our needs... who created these common languages.. how did we all .. the world at large.. learn these languages?? Words that i am typing right now.. .. what did it mean eons ago? What if n were actually g and m were q... what about colours.. who decided the colour of sea should sound like blue.....
Anyway, at times what i do (it happens unconsciously), when i am in a meeting and if i am getting bored.. i start getting a glazed look.. my mind wanders and i start thinking what is this person talking.. what if i were that person and that person me.. as in our souls were interchanged so to speak.. will i still be like myself (like freaky friday - where only roles got exchanged) or will i be like the other person.. will i sound like me.. when i am other person what would i say .. something different or the same thing.. some times.. i can kind even see the conversation happening between me and other person as it progresses , I mean as a third party.. which is what i call an out of body experience!!!!! :-)

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