Sunday, May 11, 2008

Some more PGW & Madras Cafe on Sundays

"My eyebrows rose till they nearly disarranged the front hair" - Bertie Wooster (Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves)

You will find a lot of dialogues in every post from this book.. coz i am reading it currently :-) the best part about PGW is the language!!!! Which makes it difficult to narrate a story to anyone (as i realised yesterday.. i completely took the fun element out of it... you have to read it for yourself) Ah.. perhaps thats why not everyone may not enjoy it!!

I went to Madras Cafe at Kings circle for breakfast today.... that is the only place where when you order for a "dosha" (with the sha pronouned properly), nobody looks at you quizzically... maybe thats why i like it.. i try to correct everyone (not correct actually, as the pronounciation varies in all the 4 states) i meet, to say "dosha" (though sha) instead of "dosa" (pronounced as dough sa) but to no avail!!! Maybe thats why i like Madras Cafe..

Actually, its a nice friendly place with very quick service... they know how to sell.. when we went there the first time, the owner got us to try their specials (without charging us)... completely unheard of!!! And now they greet us everytime we visit.. everyone right from the owner to the waiters... and i see them doing this for everyone!!!! Which is why there is always a queue outside.. and the place bang opposite, "mysore cafe" is always empty... today when leaving the place, the kindly owner patted my husband on the back.. a small gesture to say thanks for coming, come again soon.. or maybe just have a nice day.. makes a hell lot of a difference!!

The food is great of course!!! :-) its the service that is the differentiator!!

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