Saturday, May 10, 2008

PG Wodehouse

"As always when we converse on the phone, it nearly fractured my ear drum. This aunt at one time was a prominent figure in the hunting circles, and when in the saddle so i am told, could make herself heard not only in the field or meadow where she happened to be, but in several adjoining counties. Retired now from active fox chivvying, she still tends to address a nephew in the tone of voice previouly reserved for rebuking hounds for taking time off to chase rabbits" - Bertie Wooster ( Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves)

I am a big fan of PG Wodehouse!!! I really dont remember how i got started on it - actually fairly recently - about 3-4 yrs back!! I read quite a fair bit - have been reading as far as I can remember!! But never ever picked up a PGWodehouse until recently- dont know why!! What prompted me to pick one now - I do not know!! But ever since then, I have managed to read almost the entire collection ..... twice!!! It is just so hilarious !!!!! I used to read it when traveling by metro in Delhi, and i used to keep on laughing - and people would stare at me in the train thinking "what is wrong with this chick"

It is so very delicious to read - I look forward to the time I get, post dinner - when i can curl up with a PGW and just de-stress!!! When i was expounding the virtues of this book at work, i realised that it is not everyone's cup of tea. In fact someone mentioned that it was a childish book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I was completely dumbstruck - how can anyone a) not like it and b) call it childish? It was terrible and in my mind, i was thinking (it was my boss, so couldnt say it aloud) this person does not belong to this world!! Then the realisation set in - maybe these guys do not get the jokes .. well, cant think of any other reason.

And of course the biggest joy in the world is to meet other PGW lovers and discuss the books, the favourite situations !! My favourite one - there are 2 actually - " Eulalie " one and the speech given by Gussie!! Actually there are so many more!!

One can just keep on reading, re-reading these books!! They just make you feel so light and gay.
It is such a simple world inhaibted by the likes of Bertie Wooster, Jeeves, Gussie, Freddie, Pongo Twistleton Roderick Spode, Mr Mulliner... I mean, they are pretty much everyday people - there's not much melodrama; Simple stories with extremely simple circumstances. You will not find a single "cunning" or "villanous" person in this book.

So if you want to shake off your depression, frustration, anger, stress.. and feel gloriously warm & sunny , read PG Wodehouse for sure!

Phew!! Thats quite a lot for today.. will get back to my PGW!!! :-)


Preeti Sharma said...

Hi. I had to comment on PG Wodehouse. Brilliant stuff. Not everyone will like the books though - simple language, fairly simple plots, simple characters...yet what fun to read. The joy in these books is in the situations they crete for themselves and in the stiff upper lip I said, brilliant stuff

Moonshine said...

I know!!! Why doesnt everyone like the books!!!! Its so difficult to imagine!!!

Lost in the world of sunny Blandings...beautiful glorious london.. i am going to england soon.. (all in the hope of finding, discovering " the drones club".. :-))

Scarlett said...

I think people who don't read/like PGW are those who don't really understand English humor. It's a kind of its own. Can u tell me which one to start with?

Moonshine said...

Start with Blandings Castle.. that has short stories..

Actually start with Code of the Woosters.. you will be hooked on