Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Time flies

My vacation starts in 2 days... till now there was so much excitement.. just the thought of going somewhere and that too for 2 weeks!!! Just sometime back.. i was saying that there is a month to go for this trip .. something to look forward to ... time flies and it is now already time for to go ... i am already feeling that my vacation will be over so quick that i wont even know.. next wednesday i will start thinking about the time left for me to enjoy before getting back to work... wednesday after that probably i will already start thinking about work!!!!

Look at me.. i still have 2 days to go before i leave .... and i am already talking about the end of it!!! Actaully it sets me thinking.. is 2 weeks enough? How much is enough actually ... 1 month or more?? I think at the end of the day it is never enough.....

I hear people at work saying that i am going on a " long vacation" and it annoys me a little.. i mean why grudge somebody chutti... i think i deserve it.. i have never taken this long leave... Why Why Why..... And of course i will come back from my vacation wanting more!!!!!!!


Scarlett said...

Lol. I don't blame u for getting annoyed.

And u're a workaholic..thats why u cant stop thinking about work! Don't think about it till you land back in Mumbai :)

Moonshine said...


i will try utmost!!! i am so excited!!!! :-)