Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Blogging, IPL and more

I am already feeling the pressure of blogging.. have been sitting in front of the comp for the last 5 mins thinking of what to write.... its just the thought - since i have started this blog, at least i should post something...:-)

Cant imagine what people who get paid to blog do!!! I guess the minute it becomes a source of income, there is constant pressure you live with always... of the necessity to write! And in case one if not much of a writer - then god alone help you

But i quite like the idea of blogging .. the question is of sustenance!!! Which i guess will happen only in the remote possibility people reading my blog!!! rofl

IPL on, in the background - Mumbai Indians vs Rajasthan Royals.. My colleague has gone for the match.. to watch i.e.... I am so jealous!!! I have never seen a match at a stadium!! I would love to go but havent got around to doing so. Cricket has been part of my life for quite some time - when i was young (very young.. a kid, i am young even now :-)) , was very closely involved in the game.. then when i went to a hostel, it was in the periphery somewhere!! Now it is getting to me again!!! But i dont think the excitement levels, the interest levels can be as high as it used to be earlier!! The "craze" has waned down - at one time, we almost went to the Taj in Delhi to meet the cricketers!!!! We used to get extremely excited at the thought that someone's brother/ sister spoke or saw Rahul Dravid!!! That was good fun..

Which reminds me of college days.. when we used to go a Taj / Maurya Sheraton in Delhi - 12 of us !!! We used to stuff ourselves into a friend's maruti 800 or go walking!! But we never used to have money then.. so we used to buy 6 pastries and split it amongst us! And sit near the pool and eat!!!! Another time we were very hungry / thirsty.. (when i was in goa).. so went to a restaurant had water.. looked at hemenu.. decided it was too expensive and left!!!!!! Just imagine!

Now need fuel for the body!!! Need to eat...


Scarlett said...

Pls sustain ur blog. It's fun to read. U have one reader in me :-)

Moonshine said...

I love it that you love it!!!!