Thursday, June 17, 2010

It was the JD that did it!

Went out ostensibly for a farewell last night.. with colleagues. I say ostensibly.. because we just needed a reason!!! In the last few weeks we figured out that going out together - the entire office gang has been fun!!! We just needed an excuse!

We went to a teenage pub.. called couch.. you may ask why.. 50% OFF ON DRINKS!!! Need i say anything more?

It was fun.. we ribbed each other.. asked random stuff to whoever could listen, in that blitzkrieg of a music!!!!!

And we drank! Boy did we drink... I am not a very heavy drinker.. but I had 4 cocktails and 1 JD with coke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has to be the JD that did it..

Did what, you ask? I threw up... at a hotel we all went to for coffee later . And today has been a lacklustre day!!!! I am still recovering.. so is the entire group .. completely hungover!

No more for me!! At least for a few days.


Shruti said...

Is this the 'recession nights' thing and was it SG who led you there?!

mêlée said...

all the lackluster days that saves up the shine for those few special days!
you are having so much fun :)

arvind said...

"no comment"

the-mommie said...

sounds like fun, excluding the throwing but bit ofcourse! :)

Moonshine said...

@Shruti I think so and yes!!!!!!

@melee yeah it was awesome!!! Been quite a while since partied!!! Plan to do it again.. soon.. :)

@Mommie remember our binge? :)