Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Its been quite a turbulent time.... at work.. at home!!

Wont bore all with work stuff... on the home front, was busy shifting!!!!!!!!!!! Its so difficult!!!!!!! I thought it would be easy this time round.. given that we have experienced the shift from bombay to blore sometime back... so i thought it would be easy.. blore to blore.. how difficult can it be really!!!

It IS tough.... really tough. There is absolutely no sense of time sense of space... there are people walking all about the house all the time!!! There are chants of madam echoing through the house.. A had it worse..

We shifted last friday .. as in we slept here in the new house last friday... took a suitcase full of essentials only.. from sat onwards its been a havoc.. packers... dumping of all cartons... there are cartons lined up from floor to ceiling.. of course now its better.. now that we have opened up half the stuff...

We had about 8-9 cartons of books!!!! :)

There's still a lot of stuff to be done..i cant find stuff.. had to go for a meeting today.. but couldnt find my work diary.. my get the picture.. .

Ploughing through all this.. not just unpacking but other house work.. like.... we dont have any curtains in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We bought curtain rods only yesterday.... etc etc etc..

I guess it will take us some time to settle down.. a few weeks i guess!!! I just want to breathe easy... phew!!!!


Moony said... know what.. I think I mistook it as you and left the comment on someone else's blog (you'll have to forgive me considering I haven't logged in in a long while)!! LOL!!

moonstruckbabblings said...

Welcome to bangalore! :) I hope you like it here !

Scarlett said...

Tighten your seat belt & just wait it out :)

I hate shifting houses as well. It's such a stressful & unsettling process. Hate the packing (you don't realize how much stuff you own until you start packing!!), hate the moving, hate how the new house doesn't feel like home b/c none of your stuff is at it's usual place..just boxes all around you.

We're both lucky in one way, I guess - our boys take the major stress when it comes to big issues in life. We're quite protected that way :)

Moonshine said...

@Moony am sorry but i didnt get your comment.. Its almost 12 .. probbaly the reason why my brain is refusing to assimilate information.. please elaborate?

@Moonstruckbabblings Hey i came to blore about 2 yrs (almost) ago.... shifted houses within bangalore this time!!! :) Thanks for the welcome though .. and i do like it already :)

@Scarlett you have hit the nail right on the head... especially the bit about not feeling like home as everything is topsy turvy and not at the regular place!!!! Yes the man in my life is bearing the brunt of it!!! Really lucky i am.. i would have just gone bonkers.. not that i am not right now!!! :)

mêlée said...

hope you are more settled than when you wrote this :)

Moonshine said...

@Melee Thanks.. more settled than earlier.. but way to go right now!!!!!!!!! 2-3 weeks i think... right now big bruises on my leg.. hit my head today on one shelf which i forgot was there!!! Keep on bumping into stuff.. phew!! Yeah, some more time to settle in! :)