Monday, June 28, 2010

Sweet lucy

Lucy is the name of a dog... she was a stray who was adopted by our society... a black shiny dog.. so she stays in the lobby or thereabouts.. and is fed by residents of our apartment!!

She is an absolute sweetheart!!! An adorable thing. I love dogs.. and she is the friendliest soul ever. Now I know for sure (not that I didnt earlier but it just got reiterated) that having a pet is the best thing in the world ever.

Everyday when I come back home.. no matter what the time is .. she will be there all ready to welcome me!!! And if by chance she is standing on the road.. the minute you enter the street.. her tail starts wagging!!!

This has become an everyday ritual... I meet her at the gate everyday.. pet her.. and then when I open the gate.. she comes bounding up behind me.. licks my hand.. stands with me till I wait for the lift and leaves only when I get into the lift!!!! And I have become so used to it.. if I dont find her at the gate, then I wait.. I hang around till I find her or she finds me (most of the times she finds me).

I cant tell you how one feels at this display of affection.. you come back home after a long day at work.. and there is this huge bundle of energy who is so happy to see you... the feelings of love and affection burst inside you!! You just cant help it.

Are you a hated boss?
Are you looking horrible?
Had a bad hair day?
Hate your boss?
Hate everyone in the world?
Clients hate you?

No matter.. she will love you still!!!!! Unconditional love .. this is what it is... as my colleague commented when she saw Lucy.. she is not so fond of dogs but was tempted to pet her.. imagine!!! Imagine what she does to us dog lovers!!!

She brightens up my day.. and I wait to meet her every evening!!!! A too is extremely fond of her .. and carries biscuits for her everyday!!!

Theres nothing better in the world.. than to be loved like this.. all the sins / bleakness / harshness swept away by Lucy's cheerfulness... its contagious.. and and you cannot help but smile and love... feel all the tensions ebb away..

The sweetest soul ever. My sweet darling Lucy.


arvind said...

and they easily read our mind
inspite of their griefs or pains..

me used to talk to it when my house was empty.. then it stated to play with me.. till me laugh - it never got bored.. after my laugh - he became quiet.. he no more.. but took away some of my heart with him..

Scarlett said...

"if I dont find her at the gate, then I wait.. I hang around till I find her or she finds me (most of the times she finds me)"...How sweet is that.

You don't know this but A has 3 pet dogs who were all strays!

the-mommie said...


I agree with you totally. I grew up being petrified of dogs (had a pom snap at my heels when I was about 6) but I'm now really fond of them. And if it weren't for all the extra work involved, I'd be happy to let the husband bully me into getting one! :)

Moonshine said...

@arvind tough!

@scarlett How sweet!! You are with the right person :)

@mommie you have guts!!! V and then a dog too!!! :)

Scarlett said...

Errrmmm...I'm not sure how it's going to work out in the future. I'm not big on pets..which is very strange coz I grew up around one!. The only dog I can imagine living with is a pug coz they're oh-so-adorable, but A is also a big "if there's a stray pup outside my door or abandoned by his mother in my neighbourhood, I can't let it die" kind of person. So, we shall see :)

Scarlett said...

I just read your post a second time. It's such a sweet, feel-good post. Didn't know you loved dogs so much! Now I really want a pug :(

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett Adopt a stray... you just cannot imagine the joy it brings you!!! Seriously.. or maybe as a trial period, you could join some Animal care place as a volunteer :) A will be all up for it and both of you could go together!! I so want a dog.. i have never had a dog.. but in delhi, my neighbours had one.. and it used to be more at our place than theirs!!! My mom was never very fond of dogs and I decided whenever i have my own place, will have a dog.. the only problem is, it is quite a lot of responsibility.. and one person should be around to take care of it!!! So there it rests right now :( anyway, right now there's lucy.. so i am happy to be in her company :))