Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why do some people comment on personal stuff

And i dont mean on the blog... i quite welcome the comments on the blog!!!! :)

I meant in real life.. and that too comment on personal stuff in the professional realm. I find it very irritating... And the people am talking about are not close colleagues.. or colleagues too for that matter!!! These are people you tend to meet professionally on various assignments.

Met someone who commented on my haircut!!!! While i did laugh it off.. i found it very annoying.. I am a professional.. and this just distracts or clouds things.. i dont want some people to comment on me personally... we are here to discuss a project .. lets do that.. its not that we meet everyday..

I dont mind it when colleagues say such things.. in fact i quite enjoy the banter.. life would be very unfulfilling without the chitchat!!!

But with some... whoa!!!! I find it unnerving.. and un everything...that too people who you have met recently!!! Uggghhhh...

It is very disconcerting when you realise people notice things.. actually they can go on noticing.. they just need not verbalise it!!!!


Scarlett said...

I know what you mean. I think it depends on who's making the comment & on what. I don't mind positive comments on my haircut (I get defensive if they criticize it though :), shoes, clothes, bag etc. if it's coming from a woman (any age) or even a guy my age. But I don't welcome comments on family, my personal life or something related to me being a female professional etc.

The knife said...

Some say that people in Mumbai are too busy for that. But then can you beat human nature?

arvind said...

me met a rose before 24 hours..
today - me met her again..
and said
"u r so beautiful!"


Moonshine said...

@Scarlett Who makes the comment.. yes totally!!!! I dont usually mind comments from people i am close with.. there are these circle of frds. the inner circle, they can say anything.. yet some others like colleages who i may not be close to, am still fine with comments on clothes, hair etc.. but clients.. thats where i draw a line .. anything personal (clothes, shoes whetever) is a no.. unless i know them well and have given them liberty to say so!!!!

@Knife Yeah.. but kind of tough to reconcile with it!!! Actually your point has me thinking.. i must have done it too to some poor soul.. though girls commenting is ok ;)

@arvind eh?

arvind said...

hi.. u tell.. not to comment on the first moment and so me delayed a day..

hi.. if any one found anything beautiful and near his dream - he may exclaim.. he had every right to do that - as for me..

its my own view..

if me use to see a beautiful gal - me always use to say - "u r so beautiful.."

if she smile - me too and leave..
if she angry - me tell - "ok.. me take back my words.."

pls cool..

the-mommie said...

U bet moonshine! I had this woman (really old annoying lawyer woman) come up to me at the end of one of the expat group meetings here specifically to ask me why I had a kid when I was underage!! It should have been a huge compliment, but the way she looked at me and spoke to me, it was hardly complimentary! I was HUGELY taken aback - had half a mind to show her my peppered hair!!

Moonshine said...

@ Mommie How damn annoying.. hope u gave it back to her!!!!!!

mêlée said...

now I too want to comment on your hairstyle etc etc. only the pic is too small :P

arvind said...

@melee: she is so cute in that photo.. is it not? (lol)

Moonshine said...

@melee hahahahaha.. my hair looked nice only for 2 days.. and then i washed it :( .. please feel free to comment!!! Amongst girls its all good and fun!!!