Monday, June 7, 2010


I am going to make this a quick post!! I dont think it deserved a 5 star rating!!!! A good movie but not 5 star.. a refreshing movie considering the movie draught we have been in!!!!

Well, i agree the expectations were sky high.. an ensemble cast.. prakash jha.. quite interesting trailers...

But i dont think it lived upto it.. maybe i am feeling this more because i read the review first.. and i was quite thrilled to see the 5 stars.. i think dev d was the last movie to get one and i had loved it!!! So my hopes were up.. high up in the clouds.. and i really like ranbir and ajay devgun.

I was curious, interested.. well fed by the hype around it and the 5 stars of course!!!

Where was the miss you ask.. it should have been more diabolical.. people should have been hatching more plans... there should have been more politics.. shrewd politics i.e.

It was there.. but not quite there.. all the intelligent plotting was done by one party... ranbir obviously..

Ajay Devgun was seriously under utilised... he is so powerful in such roles.. it started on a promising note.. but somewhere.. i wish he had more to do!!!

At times the dialogues were funny (they were not meant to be).. but evoked laughs.. a lady saying tum mere jeshth putra ho.. since when do we use such language? Or do we in the northern belt? Even then i thought it didnt fit in.. sounded like ramayan/mahabharat talk!!!

And Katrina Kaif.. should have had more screen time as the person in politics!!!! She would have been quite cool!!! And no, the movie is not the Gandhi family saga ...though she essayed the leader's role really well!! And when is running up the stairs waving to people in one scene, she really reminds you of sonia gandhi! Quite cool i thought.

But here i must say one thing... its not that the movie is not good.. it is good.. but definitely not a 5 star movie!!! It was quite racy... it doesnt allow you to blink...its quick.. i thought they set the pace really well... one thing leads into the other quickly.. there is no agonising wait !!!!!

Ranbir Kapoor was smashing.. I liked Katrina too.. Nana patekar was awesome.. subtle and awesome.. i liked ajay devgun too!!!

Good movie.. definitely worth a watch!!!!!!!!! A must see i will say.


mêlée said...

Expectations do create a difference, I agree with that. I went on first day without the reviews, hence it actually was a 5-star for me. So gripping, dramatic and so real. What I liked the most is, in addition to the shrewd politics, it showed the real dirty face of politics i.e. murders and so on....In India of course we dont always do arm-chair politics that Ranbir did a bit. One scene minus (Ajay Devgan meeting Mother) the movie would have been flawless.
Even I felt both Ajay Devgan and Manoj Bajpayee were under utilized! and whats with Manoj's funny outfits...hilarious..even though I have very close acquaintances with UP and Bihar, no one there actually dress as funny as a shiny
Katrina's best performance so far :) she looked really cool as the leader and Ranbir steals the show from everyone else so well!!
and in bollywood we had someone with guts to make a 3 hr movie minus songs! my weekend was so well spent with watching it twice :)

Scarlett said...

People don't use such language even in the North but the movie is supposed to be based on the Mahabharat, so maybe that's why...

Hey, you didn't mention Arjun Rampal. I've heard he's good too. Planning to watch it this weekend.

the-mommie said...

I want to watch it tooo!!! Don't know when I'll be able to though.

I didn't know it had got a 5 star rating! Who was it from? I read one which gave it 3.5 stars. After reading your review, even more keen to watch it now.

Agree with scarlett, the jeshth putra bit must have been an overt hint for its 'inspired by mahabharat' bit.

Shelton said...
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Moonshine said...

@Melee i agree.. it was quite fast paced and dramatic and gripping!!! I wished i hadnt read the review!!! :) Manoj Bajpai's outfits and the hair!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gawd!!!It was atrocious.. a horse.. yes for sure!!! :) I think Katrina was subtle and really good as a leader.. though before i watched it, i thought she may not be as good ...they didnt even play that lovely song fully.. the ranbir-katrina one!!!!!

@ Scarlett Mahabharat or not.. doesnt make sense in the current world context!!! lol
But yeah, it is Mahabharat.. can make out easily.. Arjun Rampal was good too.. the casting was really good i must say!!!!

@Mommie 5 star rating was from Nikhat Kazmi, TOI!!! Watch it.. its good. :)

the-mommie said...

just finished watching it, albeit a bad print. didn't take away from the story though. I liked the way the film runs its length but I agree with you Moonshine, I wish there more plot twists than simply killing of characters left right and centre!

Also, the jeshth putra thing was totally oddly placed - mahabharat inspired or not! :)

Infact, to me the movie seemed like an amalgam of mahabharat and godfather in some ways.