Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Who is the villain : Raavan

Apparently people have not liked raavan!!! Or so I hear!

Post the review experience of Raajneeti, this time I went to watch the movie without reading the review.. not consciously though.

My verdict : I really liked it. It is a different movie like Scarlett says!!!!

Abhishek Bachchan was good.. a bit over the top sometimes.. but good nevertheless. And surprise surprise.. I liked Aishwarya Rai too!!!! I am truly surprised at that! I am dead sure... all the men were drooling... the loooooooooooonnngg hair... the natural look.. well, what to say.. she did look quite good!!!

The surprise package - VIKRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He looked , oh so hot!!!! Especially in that song... I am ashamed to say I actually didnt mention it at first.. but grudgingly mentioned it to scarlett who also admitted to liking him!!! And my sis too went gaga over him!!!

So yeah.. the movie.. I thought it was a brilliant narrative... unlike Raajneeti wherein they created obvious situations around Mahabharata.. Raavan had all the elements of Ramayana.. and Mani Ratnam effortlessly portrayed Ramayana without having to resort to putting in the actual characters..

The movie flows from one scene to the next.. its all effortless!!! It kind of looks at Ramayana from the "other" perspective.. Raavan's perspective so to speak!!! Told you its different! By the end of the movie.. you probably need to take a raincheck.. who is the villain you ask yourself!!!!

Govinda (Hanuman) was good ... I didnt recognise Nikhil Dwivedi till the credits happened...

The scenery is amazing!!! Was watching the "making of raavan" a while ago.. the bridge scene towards the end.. has been shot on an actual bridge!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful cinematography!!!!

I really really liked it.. I loved it.. Mani Ratnam.. what else can one expect. Loved the music....

My take : must watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next is A Team and I hate love stories!!
On another note, wireless is activated at home!!!!!! I am ecstatic!!!!!!!!!!!! :))


arvind said...

that is the way of presentation by great directors..

Mani Ratnam - always try to bring the emotions on the screen..

in one of his film -
"kannathil muthamittal"
one can feel the emotional flow through out the whole story..
and in the last scene - the words shared by three female characters (Simran, Nandita Das and Keerthana) might melt any hard heart..

Vikram - cooly "hot"

yet to see.. but decided to see both the versions..

Scarlett said...

Wow! You seemed to have really loved the movie! I didn't like it AS was a different movie but I did find AB over-the-top in some of the scenes. And then ten sides to his personality didn't come across very effectively. Worth a one-time watch though.

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett I did like it!!! I too admit AB was a bit over the top.. i would love to watch the tamil version to see how it was!!

mêlée said...

yet to see :(
you liking it is one good sign amidst all the disappointing reviews!
and i am DYING to watch I hate luv stories :))

Moonshine said...

@melee next weekend!!! I want to watch toy stories 3 and A team too :)

arvind said...

The first few shoots itself showing that –
this movie is going to involve a lot of close up shoots and hence so much of emotions and expressions would be shared.. (felt – after so much of years – me feel – movie full of close up shoots; means the director’s confidence over the actors)

the story is so simple..
for a revenge a man kidnap a woman
and fall in love with her..
the expressions of male character and
the sink of the female character within him..
so simple story..
all other characters are there to support
or to intensifying that sink..
(including that lonely song of Aish)

The love flowered on a man’s heart – on seeing a gal.. but he should not cross any limit at any place.. and the responses by the woman..

Vikram – the man with huge family attachment,
enjoying the life in his way known to him (four entertaining songs),
man with vengeance, anger, (still has that sharp, angry some eyes..)
with so much of love – flowing from his eyes..

which gal could resist that much of love?
(she praying the god: “give me the strength to with stand this amount of love”)

Aish: ho my god.. expressions are flowing equally matching the male..
when his anger, lust etc etc are flowing (following) like anything –
she selects her own way of expressions.. it’s a milestone movie for her..
(as parenita did for vidya balan)

all other characters are supporting this main frame.. and nobody crosses anything – they wanted to perform..

the relating of that first few frames with the last frame
- the gal telling her husband – “use a bullet and finish him”
and in the last scene – she herself stood between all the bullets and him..

the sink synchronize in few scenes..
-First tear..
-If me stay here – will u leave him safe?
-The last tear..
-“why u tell him like that..?”

the acceptance of the gal is enough and
he mean that lastly “shoot me up .. me will die so happily..”

songs – don’t’ ask.. they are all celebrations..
Putting this movie near my heart..