Thursday, March 19, 2009

A chameleon!!!

I am one.... i have realised this recently.. actually not recently, but a couple of years ago.. i tend to talk like the people i spend time with... in time, i get their twangs, their tone etc etc... when i speak with them i.e....

I remember in bombay, there were a couple of colleagues i would spend time with.. at times, i would use their catch words.. or talk in their sing song voice!!!! I dont know why... it just happens i guess!!!

The weird part is... this does not happen when talking to foreigners.. my accent does not change.. if anything i speak faster!!!! lol

So now here at my work place, i was interacting a lot with a colleague, and she had a habit of saying "hmmm..ooook" to almost everything... after a few days i realised i was also saying hmmm oook to everything.... now i have another colleague who talks real fast... i am too doing that.. unconsciously... the minute i realise it, i catch myself and try to speak slower... not slower but basically the way i do!!!!

Its very strange.. i wonder if people get offended or something!!!! :)


Scarlett said...

I wonder which Bombay colleague of yours had a sing song voice.... ;-)

I think we all do that to a some extent....pick up the accent / catch phrases / way to talking of people we spend a lot of time with. I'd acquired a major American accent during college. People used to make such fun of me when I'd just joined Nielsen. Had to make a conscious effort to unlearn the accent & get an Indian accent back. And then I started talking somewhat like my ex-roommate in Bombay (who I lived with for 3 yrs). Phew!!

Moonshine said...

I remember how you used to be ribbed!!!!!! But not everyone does that.. i dont find people talking like me at least!!!!