Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stephanie Meyer - finally!

I have been dying to put in a post on this. But i just finished the the 4 books in the series!!! And before i started on the next book, i wanted to put in a post so that everything is clear in my mind!!! Today is a holiday.. in south everything work diametrically opposite.. the world and its brother is off for Holi tom...we are off today!!! Oh well... never look a gift horse in the mouth!!!

There are 3 of us at work who , coincidentally, picked up these books together... and these days whenever we meet we end up discussing it!!!!
I like it!!! I really liked the books.... but i cant for the life of me figure out why!!! I just cant explain my fascination for these books!!!! Is it similar to Harry Potter? Not at all!!!! Totally, completely different... so when i read the review written on the back page of one the books which said.. "move away harry potter"... i don't agree at all... completely different books.. the only commonality being that they both are fantasy books!
The story is about Bella who falls in love with a vampire Edward and her best friend, Jacob is a wolf!!! They all live together along with normal human beings in the current world!! Bella is of course human. The story follows the lives of these three individuals and the world they inhabit.
I can say one thing- i couldn't put the books down once i picked it up! I just couldn't. I stayed up everyday till around 12.30-1am trying desperately to understand whats happening... i mean you kind of keep up with Bella.. we as humans follow her thoughts (the narrative is hers).. her curiosity about the vampires, the supernatural, in the first first book. Very strangely, this raging curiosity doesn't get over when the first book gets over...
The books get weirder by the minute.. and the curiosity wins over the weirdness of it all!!!! The 3rd and the 4th books are at their strangest best... it explores all possible dimensions.. makes you try to second guess about things... second guess as to what could possibly be stranger than what you just read!!!!
But strangely, i loved it!!!!! (I know i am using the words strange, weird often but thats what i feel.. what to do) ... I don't know why... i wont rest till i figure out why... since there are 2 of us who have finished.. there so many discussions to hold forth!!! I am so looking forward to tomorrow to share all that i read!!!!
I know this is not much of a review... but will post more as soon i discover why i liked it!!! :)


Scarlett said...

I'm still working on 'Confessions of a Shopaholic'. It's so funny! I keep laughing like a maniac while reading it. The chick is hopeless! She just cannot stop spending! And the reasons she keeps coming up with for buying stuff. It's hilarious!!

Moonshine said...

It is hilarious... the letters to the bank are a riot!!!!!

But do read Stepahnie Meyer!!!! I want to get as many opinions on it as possible!!!! :)