Monday, March 2, 2009

Confessions of a shopaholic - Sophie Kinsella

Been meaning to put a post on it for quite a while.. at least for last 2 weeks.. since then have read many books too!!!! But there were too many things to talk about... but finally, finally here it is....
I quite liked this book!!! Its hilarious!!!! Recently have not come across many such humourous books which make you laugh as you are reading it!!! Not just a smile..... i actually broke into this loud laughter!!!! On the aside, yeah, i was alone at home!!!
So this book is about a girl, Becky Bloomwood, who has a "shopping problem". She is an obsessive compulsive shopper who just cannot resist any sale or any shop for that matter!!! She is actually a journalist and is attached to a financial magazine!!! In fact she also dispenses financial advise on TV!!!!! And while telling people to save and stuff, she herself on the side is running these huge credit card bills!!!!!
The funny incident that i talked about earlier - she is trying to borrow 20 quid from a friend at a press conference. However " ऍन मौके पे" there is utter silence and she is heard by all and sundry about borrowing 20 bucks!!! So finally, a very senior guy lends it to her... she takes it saying its for her sick aunt.. and buys a branded expensive scarf for herself .. bumps into the same guy outside the store.. when he sees her bag, she says she has bought it as a gift for her sick aunt..
and invariably , bumps into him when she herself is wearing that scarf... ends up saying her aunt is dead.. and as an afterthought, she bequeathed the scarf to her!!!!
It really is hilarious.. am sure you will find it funnier when you read it!!! :)
So the entire book is about her escapades.. she writes letters to her bank saying she has some infectious disease etc etc!!!! The letters are fun to read.. the excuses .. each one better than the other!!!!
I didnt like the last 20 pages though!!! Suddenly, she is not herself.. she just changes!!! She is trying to help people... and actually pays off her bills etc....And somehow i felt that part didnt stick to her personality!! The humour bit suddenly goes off!!! Well, you have to read it to understand what i am saying.
Saw a movie poster the other day... somebody is making a movie out of this book! Would be good fun to watch i guess!!!
As for the thought that the book will be depressing as it is about shopping addiction... well i didnt feel it.. its more humourous than anything!!! And also i guess because i dont really enjoy shopping shopping!!!!
Ah, but..... bought a whole lot of books yesterday ... on sale.. you wouldnt want to know how much i spent!!!! Too embarrassing actually!!!!
Point is all of us will be able to identify with some parts of it!!!!! :)
Reading Stephanie Meyer now.. I am liking it!!!! :)


Scarlett said...

I picked it up too this past weekend! Will get down to it once I'm done with 'Chasing Harry Winston', which I've been reading for 2 months now!! Haven't had the time you see :)

I was told 'Confessions...' is a depressing book but it sounds like a fun read! I'm in this chick lit phase anyway!

I have this friend, a guy, who has a credit card bill of 55 grand. He's refusing to pay it off & is instead negotiating with the bank to settle it at 45 grand. Can you beat that?? LOL

BTW...what're you reading by Stephanie Meyer?

Moonshine said...

You can identify with some bits.. it more funny than depressing!!! How in the world can you refuse to pay 10k??????

Reading the Twilight series - Twlight / New Moon / Eclipse... yet to read the 4th to the series!!!