Monday, March 30, 2009

Entry into the next decade

Well , I am 30 finally!!! Thats what i entered as my age on the treadmill today!!!!

The run upto the Dday was quite fun ... have been hogging... hogging and hogging even more..

One of my close friends had come down last week(whose 30th birthday was also incidentally last week)... we started the eating process last to last Saturday night .. we went to a South Indian restaurant called Karavalli where we ate and ate and ate... we also had a couple of drinks.. bloody mary and mojito for me..2 nd one i tried for the first time and liked it!!! Sunday we skipped breakfast and went straight for a brunch at Mynt.. the spread was huge.. mexican/italian/lebanese/indian etc... one of the first buffets ever wherein i can say i did justice to the meal!!!! Also had champagne / daiquiri .. another round of firsts there!!!!

Evening we again stepped out.. i dont know how we could after eating so much.. but we did.. to schewan court.. i had whisky for the first time in my life.. jack daniels with coke.. at which people at work told me that i shouldnt go around telling people i had whisky because what i had was coke!!!! lol... And finally Monday at Graze... before my friend finally left and i exploded!!!!

This weekend... welcomed my birthday drinking (i sound like a total drunkard.. I am not though).. and then went to a south indian joint, Dakshin where we had traditional ugadi meal (all vegetarian).. ate so much that we had to skip dinner... saturday dinner - we were at hard rock cafe... drank, ate and sang.. that was loads and loads of fun!!!! Sunday again lunch at another south indian joint called Malgudi.. finger licking stuff!!! Wish i could post pics of all the food that i ate like Knife does!!!!!

I havent been to the gym in the last 2 weeks... but what the heck.. if this is what 30's is like... i am liking it!!!!

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