Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday A :)

Well, its the birthday of a very very good friend of mine... who is another city... and this brainwave hit me today... what better gift to give than put in a post ... she is an avid blogger too!!!! :)

Well, she and i met a few yrs ago... my husband was telling me / reminding me of how much i used to crib about her... she laughs too much.. bahut style maarti hai .. frivolous.. are some of the descriptions i assigned to her in my mind.. but obviously kept it to myself... i used to crib.. how in the world do all these people work.. i am sure they do not do any work at all.. they wouldnt find anytime to do any piece of work in between their fits of giggles and taking case of other people!!!! In fact, a friend of mine asked me about my new job and i was like... "I am stuck with a bunch of giggly people.. so immature.. our frequencies do not match" .... at lunch which we used to have together.. they would keep laughing and i would keep eating, quietly.. just wondering as to how i will survive without losing it totally!!! Obviously the person in question was the key instigator of all these conversations and she would talk, laugh, talk, laugh, talk, laugh alternatively and the others would just sit and laugh!!!! She broke her toe and everyone from the team went over to her place to surprise her during lunch.. i was invited but i looked down upon all of them with a very haughty look.. "oh puhlease" i think my expression said!!!!

And so obviously i had to eat my words... because i became a part of "the gang"!!!! The giggly, case taking, bitchy gang.. and i loved every moment of it. So what happened was this...

I became chatty with a guy from the other team who was a good friend of hers.. and figured that he lived closeby.. one day that we finished at work together, we were about to leave together.. this girl, not my favourite at that time, also came along with us as she lived somewhere on the way.. and i was like... oh well..

And then we started chatting.. other people of the lunch gang quit.. so that left the 3 of us together.. and suddenly, i started enjoying conversations!!!! We would go back home together.. and eat lunch.. and bitch about... well, some people.. i think it is the bitching part of it that got the three of us together!!!!! lol!!!

Besides the lunch, we started hanging out together post work (though married , my husband was working late night.. so i didnt have any restrictions/ commitments per se post work)... my place became the hang out place... every friday, we used to meet .. drink and bitch more.. people used to think we were snobs.. ah well!!!!!

And of course, me and A , we watched the same TV shows.. gossiped about people... and liked Harry Potter.. oh, we have had so many conversations about it!!!!!!!! About the possible endings.. diagnosing each character... watching the last HP movie together... and also going to buy the last HP together.. at 7am in the morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.... yeah, HP was the killer!!!!

And we bonded over the foot in the mouth disease that both of us were afflicted with.. she more than me.. and of course weird bosses!!!!!!

Its very very very important to have "girl friends" who you can chill with.. i mean really chill with.. you dont ever need to think about being "politically correct"... you can talk about the crushes, the pain, the mood swings, anything and they actually understand it!!!

She is one such person, who i connected with!!!!!!! Even now, very very strangely, when i am down and out.. maybe a coincidence.. either she sms's or mails or something!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont know how... its to do with this girl to girl connect thing maybe!!!!

Earlier, i had thought that we may not be in touch regularly, given that we are now in 2 different cities, 2 different firms..... but surprise surprise... we still are.. not only through the blog i.e... thats the other thing which did bond us...blogging together... it was great knowing you... "more" great or "greater" knowing you more through your blog... connect at a different level altogether.. and i am so enjoying it!!!!!! You are the world's most cheerful and funny person!!!!!!!! :)

Wish you many many happy returns of the day!!!! :)


Scarlett said...

Thanks Moonshine! You took time out on a Sunday (read Husband Home day) to write this! I'm so touched....will treasure this post forever!

Come to think of it, we do have quite a few shared interests, the biggest being Harry Potter, tea & love for watching movies!! :) We've bonded over reality show SMSing & "hang out sessions" at your home (I'm intentionally not calling them bitching Thanks for the beautiful post. thought I was 'frivolous'? Seriously?? FRIVOLOUS? :P

Moonshine said...

You better treasure it.. lol!!!!!

Hang out sessions sounds so much better!!!! More classy!!! :)

I did think all of you were very frivolous!!!! Sabse zyada you!!!! lol.. Thought i did tell you about my first impressions.. didnt i?

Scarlett said...

You mentioned you thought we were giggly & silly but you left out the frivolous bit :) At least I know now!!!!!

Moonshine said...

lol.. but like you said.. you wont hold it against me right? :)

Scarlett said...

True to my words, I won't :)