Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Me, a morning wonder - i dont think so.. definitely not!!!

I am so not a morning person!!! Not even a miniscule bit of me can be tagged with the scary phrase "early morning"!!! I absolutely cringe at it!!! And invariably when people hear about it, well, they too cringe... in wonder perhaps... how can it be!!!!!

All my life... i do not remember waking up early in the morning ..on my own without any help or a pushing reason (like a flight to catch etc) .. right now when i say early i mean before 7am!

Even when i started working... during the weekdays i used to take exactly about half an hour to get ready.. totally including breakfast!!! I hate to give up even a minute of sleep!!!! This is before marriage phase. And during the weekend, i used to sleep like mad!!! I would wake up in the afternoon.. have lunch.. go back to sleep.. wake up in the evening.. watch TV/ read and then retire for the night!!!

Well, i have come a long way since then. But my poor parents are totally not used to it. Even now during weekends, if call them up before 10.30-11 (in the morning)... they are astonished.. "how come you are up so early, its a Saturday".. they exclaim!!!!

So these days usually i am up by .... well i set the alarm for 7.30 and wake up at around 8... actually it varies.. many a days its 8.30.. once i woke up at 9.15 and still managed to reach work at 10.. in a weak moment, i happened to mention this.. and in that instant, all faces turned towards me...all accusing eyes ... "How could you???? How can you???? Really??????Well, actually please tell this person too, so that they get off my case for sleeping in!!!!" I could literally feel people showing me to others as being the 8th wonder of the world!!!

And connected to this entire thing of waking up is my breakfast!!! I love breakfast.. i cannot survive without breakfast.. i am slightly fussy.. slightly because i do not like cereal etc!!! My morning ritual post waking up.. i drink tea for about 30-40 mins and read paper.. by which time it would be beyond 9am..usually 9.15.. and then i rush and am ready within 20 mins or so!!! BTW i stay real close, takes me about 5 mins to reach office!!!!

So, i am sure you can understand my basic issue... there is no time to make breakfast. Earlier, a couple of months back, there was nothing available to eat in office.. not even biscuits.. one day i suffered because of it (i was hungry till lunch.. nothing can be more annoying!!!).. and then on i started making /eating breakfast everyday even if it was bread and nutela. However, the twist in the story is that now you can get maggie / biscuits and other stuff.. and there goes my making breakfast out of the window!!!!

Weekend is also similar story.. either i can make breakfast or lunch.. because by the time i make breakfast, its already 11.30-12.. which is as good as lunch!!!

Its not that i am lazy .. i just like my morning time to be peaceful.. i really dont want to wake up and start my day by running into the kitchen and start cooking (actually come to think of it i do run into the kitchen the first thing after waking up.. to make tea.. but that doesnt count as it is my lifeline)... i like cooking but not soooooo early (by this early i mean anytime before 8am)!!! Ok.. i am a little lazy too!!! And why shouldnt i be!!!! I quite like it and enjoy it!!!

Sleep is a very important variable in my life... i have to sleep at least for 8-9 hrs!!!!!! Today i woke up at 7.30.. and someone at work said i was looking sleepy.. was feeling it too!!!!! The day i dont get my full sleep.. it keeps playing on my mind that i havent slept the entire day.. by the end of which i start feeling exceedingly tired and exhausted!!!

People say things change as you grow older.. well, i hope not!!! ;p


The knife said...

i can completely relate to this. I just am not a morning person. I hate getting up early and often sleep while going to office. Which is a problem as breakfast is important to me and my wife is not a morning person either. i don't think i am a late evening person either

Moonshine said...

Ok... so mayeb you just like sleeping :)

Actually you are right... these days am not able to stay awake for a long time!!!!! I love my sleep!!!

Breakfast should not be a problem for you... it is available at work!!!! It was my saviour there!