Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hair cuts and all that!!!!

One of my colleagues just got a haircut... a totally amazing haircut... like you see on TV when they talk about makeovers!!!! So since yesterday i have been meaning to put a post on haircuts.. but net was not functioning yesterday...

As a kid i used to hate haircuts... i used to be scared actually.. maybe i associated hair with all the chandaal/ bhootnis they would show on TV.. but i used to get very scared and never liked being taken to the parlour for a haircut.. what used to scare me a lot was hair falling all over the place.. i used to just sit and howl...

I dont know when i started liking hair cuts... i think it was when i started working or when i was in college... no no actually when i started working.. in school i used to not like , rather rarely bother about my hairstyle which continued till i started working.. one fine day.. i just told them to chop it all off (waist length hair.. well almost waist length).. they cut it all off... they chopped off my hair right till my nape..My sister said i looked like a doll....i had hair swinging on my neck.. and i loved it..the total freedom it gave me.. i felt liberated.. liberated from the confines of.. of of.. well.. like long hair... just liberated and free and confident!!!!! In short I felt wonderful!!! Like Julie Andrews in Sound of Music when she sings.. "I have got confidence"... somewhat like that!!!

Then on, i realised i feel this way, everytime i get a haircut... and i also realised that i love the entire haircut process... so much!!!! The way they shampoo it, wash it nicely.. massage ... needs to be done by a guy for you to be able to truly truly appreciate it... the haircut.. the style developing right in front of your eyes.. and blowdry... i actually feel sad when it is all over!!!!

Its so very uplifting!!!!! Once i got it done when i was very depressed.. one of those phases when you are low... theres nothing like a good haircut to lift your spirits .. to make you feel good, confident and sure of yourself!!!!

Basically, time for a haircut again.. not done it for a long time.. i guess i have been waiting for that special moment.. or the time when i really really need a hair makeover!!!!! :)


Scarlett said...

Hair makeovers are fun! You feel so good when they change your hairstyle completely! I love those...but for that, one needs to trust the hair stylist blindly & not bug them while they're working on your hair. My last haircut was in Jan at Lakme Beauty Salon, the guy gave me a totally different look & I've been loving it since! :)

The knife said...

i guess amkeover, specially for men, depends on the amount of hair they have to work with. Not much in my case by the time i could afford to indulge in it. I tried a couple of places including T&G...am same old me
Hated hair cuts as a kid as I was scared of closing my eyes for shampoo

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett yeah, you do need to trust your stylist totally!!! This hair cut you are talking about was in cal? I used to like this guy in lakme shivaji park.. used to be really good!!!

@Knife Even though it depends on the amount of hair, doesnt the entire experience itself feel such a feel good....nice and warm!!!!