Thursday, January 22, 2009

Come to my parlour

Life without a decent parlour is tough!!! There are certain things important in a girl's life... like tailor.. parlour occupies a similar position!!! To men : Dont worry i am not going to talk about the things we get done...

When i was in delhi, there was one right next door!! So the problem of locating a tailor / parlour didnt exist!!! My mom had already done the necessary scouting to identify the place!!

Then when i shifted to Bombay, i started to going to Shivaji Park.. which used to be painful as cabs wouldnt go for such short distance.. it was walkable.. but you know about 15 mins walk!! But i didnt really have an option... there were others where i used to live.. but they all looked extremely weird from the outside...

The thing with a parlour is.. you need to feel really comfortable to be able to go there!!!! It has to be hygenic (of course), spacious, bright.. there should be enough light streaming in.. the kind of people who are there (the visitors) also need to be a certain profile... and you need to be comfortable with their staff... there are so many things that go into choosing a parlour!!! Which is why i used to travel the distance!!

Here, in Blore, i again go slightly far.. takes about 15 mins by car.. thats because i have experience this chain of parlours.. and they are quite decent...

But today, one colleague who is also new to Blore told me there is one good one (which she has heard about) near our office itself.. so we went to check it out today.. it turned out to be fairly big sized decent parlour!!!!!!!!!

I am so thrilled i cant tell you.. at least i can run there in case of any emergency!!!! Also, post getting eyebrows done (sorry had to mention, story cant be complete otherwise)... this lady massaged my forehead / brows for more than 5 mins!!!!! Thats why i was so thrilled i think!!! But usually in any parlour they hardly take so much pain.. even if they do, the massage is quite fleeting.. by the time you realise that someone is massaging your brows, its already over!!!!

So i am quite thrilled!!!! Thrilled to bits!!!!

Tra la la la ... hop skip jump.. tra la la.... :)

ps: can someone tell me how can i do spell check on posts?


Scarlett said...

I don't think you can do spell check on posts. So one way is to type your post in Word or Outlook & then paste it on to blogger.

I also go to a parlor a little far from my place. It's a 10 minute walk from my place but it's clean, well-lit, has a certain profile of people coming there & has good staff. There's a parlor right next to my house but it's tiny & not so clean, so I don't go there.

Serendipity said...

On the left of the add image button on the edit posts page
there's a small tick and abc written on the button.

and Viola! spell check :)

The knife said...

cntrl a and then spell check like moonshine says. better to write on wod first - double spell check and no loss

a lot of parlours r now invaded by men ; )

Random Words said...

The tick with abc...for spell check.

BTW wat kind of emergencies would need girls to run to a parlor??? I am asking this in a public forum so there is no chance of getting hit by sandals, i guess! :)

Scarlett said...

@Random Words - Just an example...your boyfriend/potential date suddenly asks you out when you're least expecting it & you realize you not only have bushy eyebrows, you even have a mustache & are hairly like a bear all over coz you haven't had the time to go to a parlor in a month. That's just one example :)

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett Thanks.. will try one of those!! My keys get a bit stuck .. so i end up spending a lot of tiem in correction!!!

Bright Airy parlours are so required!!!

@Serendipity Thanks for making my life easy!!! :)

@Knife Thanks again!!! And yeah many parlours are invaded by men.. a quetsion to u and random words.. do you??? :)

@Random Words Thanks!!!I dont think i need to explain emergencies... scarlett has done that very well!!! But dont you observe it all around you??? One day women look everything scarlett said they looked like, and one day everything is shiny clean!!! Or is it that men dont notice?

Thank god for parlours!!!

@Scarlett Thank you for a such a detailed note!!!!

Its not only boyfriends or potential dates!!! Going out anywhere with anyone.. for a wedding.. a party.. when u are wearign these nice pretty clothes.. you want to look nice and normal.. :)