Thursday, January 8, 2009

Septimus Heap and Remember me

I have been thinking for the last 5 mins.. what should i write about... so thought why not talk about writing itself..

In fact today was advising a friend of mine to start blogging .... to start a blog on writing / on books!!! He told me that i should motivate him to blog!!! I hope you are getting inspired!!!! lol

Actually, for quite sometime i have been meaning to write about the books i have read... i do it for movies but have never tackled a book really... i guess because its easier to talk about a movie than a book!
I read 2 books in quick succession.. one a series actually and another a standalone :
Magyk,Flyte,Physik & Queste -

these are the name of the fantasy book series i picked up and read recently. The key character is a boy wizard called septimus heap and no its not even remotely like Harry Potter!! The books are nice .. if you like reading fantasy and if you could just stop comparing it with Harry Potter. But the problem is once you have read Harry Potter, you cannot un-read it! So the comparison will never go away.. and all in all you will end up finding these books on the duller side!! They are not that bad.. in fact the author has been brave enough to put in her own set of incantations though i do not really remember them!!! The book is about this boy wizard Septimus Heap who did not know this till the end of the first book. The other characters include Jenna, a little princess (who also did not know she was the princess), Marcia the xtraordinary wizard, Beetle a friend of the wizard, many ghosts etc.. basically there is an evil villain in every book who is trying to capture the princess to take control of the place.... though i wouldnt be doing it justice if i say the book is only about saving the princess. Its an ok book.. it doesnt involve you in the plot.. at least not in the way that you would be turning pages, burning the midnight oil to know what is going to happen.

Or maybe, just maybe i am not the target audience.. the book might be meant for kids and hence more simple :) The book covers are quite enticing (in case you want to know why did i pick these books up).

The second one i just finished reading is Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella.

A cute chick flick kind of a book.. it is a romantic story.. but usually in her books (i have read 2-3 books by this author), the focus is more on friends / self etc!!! The book is quite well written.. and will definitely put a twinkle in your eye... or a dimple in your cheek!!! :)
A funny book ... about a girl who meets with an accident.. but when she wakes up she doesnt remember 3 yrs of her life.. and is astounded when she comes to know what all had happened in the world during all this while.. like brad pitt splitting up with jennifer aniston etc!!!! When she wakes up she finds that she is actually successful, has a good looking millionaire husband who can even ride a speedboat :) .. but things are not what they seem.. obviously!!! But i truly did enjoy this book!!! The writing style is extremely refreshing!! A light comic book! Definitely to be read if you are stressed out!!!
Now i am picking up a Mary Higgins Clark.. never ever read it.. colleagues swear by it and one of them kindly lent it to me!!! I know i had said that i will write about writing... but you never know what comes out when you sit down and write.. Anyway i will leave it for the friend to write about in his blog !!! Never mind!!! :)
So until then... until i put in my next post on a book i mean!!! :)


Ace of Spades said...

once a pottermaniac, ...

however, i did like the eragon series tho i must say i saw the movies instead of reading 'em.

Scarlett said...

Moonshine! What can I say? After having read know what it's like :( I don't even try to pick up another fantasy book b/c I know I will not like them. That's what Rowling has done to you & me :)) It's unfair to other authors who write on fantasy, I know, but what to do? That is the way the world turns!!

Moonshine said...

@Ace of spades Actually i keep picking up these fantasy books in the hope of reading another book which is as fabulous as Harry Potter!!! I didnt like Eragon (the movie) too much.. have the other parts released? Thought there was only one which was released.

@Scarlett I have been hearing a lot about Stephanie Meyer. I plan to pick up her series next!! I hope its good.