Saturday, January 17, 2009

The drinking club

Or is it the drunk club?

Yesterday, drinking was the topic of conversation at our lunch table.. what started out as a harmless discussion on our liquor clients turned into a discussion on drinking .. and women drinking in particular.. and your truly was the one to initiate this topic.. i said something about my drinking tendencies.. and guiltily looked up.. thinking what would these people be thinking... esp since the lunch group was not the regular lunch group...even now many people cringe if soemone mentions drinking.. but i was pleasantly surprised.. joy behold.. i was sitting at a table where these women were seasoned drinkers!!! The oldest lady at our table was talking bout her daughter and friends drinking at their place.. we have really come a long way!!!!!! Can never imagine my parents acknowledging it in such an open way!!!

Does all that i have written till now make you feel i am an avid drinker? Actually i am not... i am social drinker ... was initiated into drinking during my post grad/initial years of work. But of course there are many memories associated with drinking... once i went to malaysia to meet a friend and a honeymooning couple (we knew the girl) joined us at a pub.. we all drank too much.. i threw up on the street and was very amused (gross, i know!!).. and the person trying to take care of me was totally zonked out!! The one person who was not drunk was the husband.. on his honeymoon surrounded by 3 drunk women intent on laughing at everything.. poor guy!!

And then again there was one incident wherein i puked .. but thats about it. And once when i was totally drunk.. the glass slipped from my hand and fell and my reactions were extremely slow.. my hand was still in the air holding the invisible glas.. and wondering what happened.. and i drove back home that night.. i dont know how.. and i shudder now when i think of it!!!

Now of course its all in moderation!! I like drinking with my friends.. and feeling happy!!! We .. my 2 girl- friends and I used to catch up at my place .. drink vodka.. and laugh.. and bitch.. and bitch a little more!!! I have this one video actually... where you can hear 2 drunk women talking and a third screaming in the background!!! lol

But that is the best part about drinking.. sharing a drink with friends.. especially girl friends !! Not going over board.. drinking enough to feel good.. feel high... floating in the air high... and just being your idiotic self! I used to enjoy these sessions that we used to have!!! We used to be crazy.

My favourite drink is bloody mary i think!! Bloody mary if made well is quite delicious. I dont like beer.. i find the smell /taste too overpowering and puts me off!!

Basically, were drinking yesterday.. and now i am groggy.. popped a few saridons!!! Was terribly missing you all girl friends!!! :(


Random Words said...

I still remember the day one of ur girl friends was really drunk at your party! Nahiiiiii......Does it ring any bell??? :)

Scarlett said...

I completely disown any links to the video in discussion or to the aforementioned party :))

Moonshine said...

Hema Malini one... nahiiin.. meri photo mat kheecho!!!! That certain someone caught holl of someone's ankle when spouting this dialogue.. when we laughed, she said... nahinnn main gir gayi thi.. again hema milini style!!! :)