Friday, January 2, 2009

Tea at my house is over

I am very very particular about my tea. I am a true tea drinker.. to the extent i have coffee in office... because i do not like the vending machine tea!! I like my tea the way i make it.. that has its disadvantages too.. like i cant/ dont like having tea made by anyone except my mom and a few other people (can count them on my hand)... usually its too milky, too sweet, boiled too much etc etc.. and the thing about tea is that the flavour remains in your mouth!!! So if the tea is not good, you are going to be reminded of it the entire day!!!!

And over the course of time, i have realised that the best thing to do is to have coffee when you go out... if not sure about the quality of tea!!! People dont usually go too wrong with coffee..

But this realisation came with many experiences of course... once i got locked out of my house and my cell battery too was down.. and i had to meet my parents somewhere.. the venue not fixed till then.. i was supposed to call and check.. in fact i came back home from office to give them a surprise.. boy did i get a surprise!! So off i went to our neighbours place.. a nice punju family.. while i charged my cell, they made me a cup of tea.. in the true punju way.. milky with cream!!! And i dont like my tea like that.. i prefer it to be not milky.. and cream (ughhhh).. i dont know how i had that cup of tea.... usually once i decide i cant have it, i just am not able to!!!

Usually i leave the tea cup lying around somewhere and if the host asks me.. then i say oh i forgot.. never mind!!! Another thing i have done is hide the tea .. and when the host is not looking, run into the kitchen and throw it down the sink!!!! I REALLY CANNOT HAVE BAD TEA!!! I JUST CANNOT!!!

So with steep learning curve.. nowadays i ask for coffee whenever i go out!! Still at times I do take a risk and ask for tea!!! Pays off sometimes!!

My morning tea - my favourite cup of the day!! Which i obviously make myself.. once my husband made me tea.. post which i decided i will make it everyday!

The temperature has to be just right.. the flavour has to be just right.. boiled to just the right level, not more , not less..perfect! The entire tea experience i find very awesome.. i sip tea and i feel all my troubles being shooed away... find myself at peace.. to lift your spirits!!!! Nothing like a hot cup of tea!!!!

So anyway, the thing is tea at my place is over... i had bought this new tea from Coonoor but i am slightly wary of using it.. its one full dabba.. and am worried my morning tea will not be the same again!!! Will it .. wont it... sordid it is!!!!


Scarlett said...

Here's a spell to help you...Thea Refillarmus!! Hahaha...Thea is Latin for tea in case you're wondering :)

I think I need to put in a post on our tea tales as well! ;)

Moonshine said...

lol!!! I tried the Coonoor tea.. its quite ok.. nice actually.. so i am absolutely fine!!! :)

And everyone has their own way of making tea.. which is peculiar to them!

In kerala, in our old house, before stoves came in, tea would be made on chulha.. and that tastes phenomenal.. a smokey flavour you get!! And in kerala, they all use milk powder.. dont know the reason why!!

You can write an entire book on tea making!!! 10,000 ways of making chai