Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thats my phone!!

A few days back, my husband bought a new phone... which he wanted me to use.. so that he could use my old phone for his Bombay number!!! He had been pestering me .. and i went on saying no.. right until he bought this new Motorola..

He wanted to upload the contacts and put my Sim card in the phone ASAP!! Finally after a few days, i acquiesced ..

Before you think it.. i am very attached to this phone of my mine.. its a Motorola V3i.. my husband gave it to me 2 yrs back during Diwali... and we (me and the phone) have been inseparable since!!! I am also very attached to this phone because i have a lot precious data on it... messages that i will never delete.. i have a collection of about 20-30 odd such sms's... i have videos of my niece from her 1st birthday.. she had just started talking and i am trying to get her to say my name and she is trying to climb all over me.. i have all these videos of her at various stages of growing up.. i also have some clips with drunk friends (Scarlett, one of these days i am going to upload it!!!!)... actually so many of my memories stored in this phone!!!

But anyway, finally we uploaded my contacts on the new phone.. and i started using it.. the first day i was extremely frustrated.. none of my messages got transferred to the new phone!!!! Only half my contacts got saved.. and worst of all, it saved names in a different format.... like if i have stored the home number as Home new.. this stores it as new home... it was so very frustrating.. as i have a habit of saving anybody's contact number (who has got a new number) as Anybody_new... or if somebody has change location.. then ****_ cal.. or US or wherever they are.. so can you imagine my plight.. my dad's number showed as Kerala mobile calling!!!! If i need to call someone, first i need to think.. where are they.. did they change their number etc etc.. (i have hundred's of location specific / new post script numbers)

I thought it was just about getting used to it... but it was not...the frustration continued on the second day ... and the third day... and so on..

One very funny thing was.. the 2-3 days that i used the new phone.. i hardly got an sms.. usually my phone keeps pinging!!! And hardly anybody called me.. very strange!!!!

Finally i cribbed so much that i got my old phone back!!!! And husband has taken the new phone!!!

He says he will not buy me new phone ever!!! :)

But anyway my phone has started pinging and ringing again!!! I have all my old messages back.. which i keep reading.. re-reading.. and re-reading and feeling happy :) And my old videos.. etc etc etc..

The world is back to normal!!! :)


Scarlett said...

I SO understand this attachment with old phones, especially the Motorazr V3i! Ever since I started using my new Sony Ericsson, I've been missing the Razr so much! My current phone is better in terms of the clarity of photos, videos, voice clarity etc. but the Razr was so much fun to use!! I used to love SMSing on it.

Even I had a very frustrating first few days with my new phone. Half the contacts didn't get transferred, and since the phone was brand new, I couldn't even get to open it to take my SIM card out so I could transfer it back to the Razr & retrieve the lost contacts! I had to take the thing back to the shop I bought it from, where they ofcourse gave me the 'stupid-chick-can't-even-get-a-phone-to-open' look.

PS: Don't you threaten me about posting the video!! Nooooooooo!!!

Moonshine said...

Theres somehting about Motorazr V3i, isnt it!!! I totally love this phone!!! :)

Cant see you on the video.. totally dark.. but can hear you!!!! :)

Random Words said...

Pls upload the videos. have seen 1 live but revisiting the memories is so much fun... rite Scarlett??? :)

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine & Random Words - Make no mistake, I will come & seek both of you out!!!!! :D

Moonshine said...

Yeah.. do seek us out!!! :)