Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Working from home.. i really dont get it!!!

I usually do not get work home... if required i can stay late in office... i can work during the weekend .. even that i usually avoid... But i refuse to work at from home!!! I cant understand the concept..

For women / men with other responsibilities ... i can understand... but others i really dont!!!

For me, once i shut down my comp at work.. i want to relax.. that shutting down itself i feel is a sign, an indication that .. ok now i can stop thinking about work.. i dont need to take client calls.. i dont need to do anything that involves work!!!

And i like to segregate work and home... work is work and should be done at office.. not brought back home.. i like to keep the 2 places very distinct!!! For me, home means.. comfort relaxation relief destress watching TV reading chilling... And the minute i am out of office i am geared towards this "doing what i feel like" mental make up!!! And i need a place to myself where work can never ever interfere!!! I keep work out at the door when i walk in.. actually the minute i shut down and leave office.. work is already streaming out of my mind... and by the time i am home / gym (takes about 5 mins).. work is totally out of my mind!!!

I remember when we used to crib to of our previous bosses.. about working during weekends etc.. he used to say.. why dont you take work home.. in fact i encourage everyone to leave early.. And i would be like.. dude.. working from home is also working.. doesnt mean i am doing timepass!!! And if i am working, then might as well come to office to work!!! And i would finish off with a glare!!!

Well, anyway why did this come up.. for the first time in Blore, got work home.. even though only 15 mins of work!!!!

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