Friday, January 9, 2009

Joined at the hip

Yesterday, as i was getting ready in the morning.. or was it today.. anyway as i was getting ready this morning.. 100s, 1000s of thoughts usually go through my mind.. not related to anything in particular.. this part is quite usual actually...a girl thing perhaps.. anyway the point i was trying to make is a thought came to my mind.. about AD and NJ (husband and me).. it used to be extremely weird earlier.. when we had just got married .. to be referred to as a couple!

In fact, many a times when introducing him, i used to fumble (in my mind).. I would be like this is my friend.. no no husband..all this in my mind.. before i finally came up with the word husband!!

But now, its kind of become a part of us.. A & N.. a part of our lives... it doesnt feel weird anymore.. in fact it feels very warm.. very gooey.... (ok.. so i do feel gooey.. i have to have my own moment, dont i).. i cant explain the bond.. it just keeps on getting stronger with time i guess.. Now it comes quite naturally.. the 2 names together.. as if what could be more natural than that!!! Also becomes a part of my identity.. cant imagine one name without the other.. sounding filmy isnt it.. i am just not able to describe it properly !! There is this musical ring to it, a magical quality.. and it just seems so right!!!

We have more or less a weekend marriage... our work hours are different. People, on knowing this, invariably ask this question... how do you manage... actually we have been managing quite well.. and i quite like the space i get in the evenings.. had this not been the case, i might not have been hooked on to blogging!!!! Imagine what would have happened then.. lol!!!

So invariably, we spend a lot of time together over the weekends... lunching with friends/ alone.. watching movies.. etc etc... we go out together always .. mostly.. .. this paucity of time has ensured that we definitely spend our weekends together come what may.. whether we are with our families, friends, whoever!!! We attend all family dos together, go to all parties (if any) together, watch movies together (unless i know he will not watch the movie at all), have tea together, do grocery shopping together (not always)... I am sounding like a total chipkoo..

Of course there have been some occasions wherein we couldnt be together (just to ease your mind) !!!!

But we are a package deal mostly...wherever one goes, there is an attachment that comes along!!! :) ... joined at the hip

Happy weekend people!!! :)


Scarlett said...

Awwwwww....a personal post! You're not being gooey, you're being all mushy & sweet is that! But woman, I remember you cribbing in Bombay about your differing work hours & how you hate spending weekday evenings alone. And how fiercely protective you used to be about your weekends, not wanting any team get-togethers/activities to be scheduled on weekends. Lol :) I think you like it now b/c you use your evening to blog, which you have incidentally fallen in love with. Hope the affair continues! But you're very right...getting your own space in a marriage is very healthy for the marriage, as it ensures you make the most of the time you have together & fight less. Touche!

Scarlett said...

And you're also right about the bond one forms with one's partner. It can't be described in words, yet it feels wonderful! Beyond wonserful actually. I haven't experienced a marriage, but having been in relationships, I know how it feels. Marriages must only strengthen the bond & take it to a different level altogether. Not because I think marriage is this great institution or anything, rather because you're LIVING together, sharing your space, sharing each moment of your lives together, sharing day to day happenings, moments of happiness & sadness. See, you make me philisophize so much!!

Moonshine said...

Well it all started with the thought how it doesnt feel weird anymore to be referred to as A&N!!! But i still feels totally strange to be referred to as a Mrs ....!!!! I find it very corny!

I am now used to spending weekdays alone.. i quite like it.. i watch what i feel like.. i blog..i read... and now i gym... its my time!!! The days he works from home.. there is a perpetual argument on about what to watch.. usually finanly we decide upon a movie that we can watch together... but i am glad that i get that time during the weekdays to myself!!! I think having a life beyond that one person is extremely important!!!

And what you say is true.. its got nothing to do with marriage.. its just that act of sharign everything.. space / furniture/ bathrooms/moments - good and bad/ just knowing that there is someone who will listen to your cribs and poor jokes which no one will ever listen to.. thats what is special!!! :) The 2 of us philosophers!!!! :)

BTW A has disappeared this morning.. gone to the bank.. didnt even have tea together in the morning!!! So much for being joined at the hip!!! :)