Monday, January 5, 2009

Why cant people format their documents

Its extremely annoying.. extremely extremely extremely annoying!!!!And so unprofessional. For some reason.. you always and i really mean always, end up doing this donkey work.. your document may look neat and clean.. the documents that need to be merged into yours .. never!!! And of course the responsibility will lie on you to send off the final thing to the client!!!

Why cant people see what they have written.... different fonts (in their own section, even on the same slide sometimes) random colours, spelling mistakes.. all this irrespective of taking the trouble of sending a template, pre empting this issue !!!!!!

As you can see, this what i spent a good part of my day doing!!! Missed gym too :(

Now going to sleep in the hope that tom will be a better day!!!


The knife said...

welcome to the world of upward delegation

Moonshine said...

Oh this was parallel delegation primarily... not really upward!!!!

But the time spent on such things is no joke!!! Dont you take english classes... lol

Scarlett said...

I get so irritated with spelling mistakes & lack of formatting in documents. I mean, come on, you're expected to make these mistakes in school. You'd think a 25 year old who's working in a professional set-up would know better!!

The knife said...

I was besotted with poor English levels in my next rung till very recently. Including here. It is such a pleasure to now have a team who doesn't have its own version of English.

I think levels of English at Mumbai, or at least those who join MR, is a bit weak to put it politely.

I have often taken 'English classes' and my wife used to chide for correcting stuff with a red pen

Moonshine said...

I dont which one annoys the heck out of me more.. formatting , the lack of OR bad english. I spend a lot of my time doing that!!! Scarlett, remember all the wonderful ppl in our team with fantastic english / formatting sense!!! Used to tear our hair apart!!!

English you say is weak...... its atrocious!!!!!!!!!! If any of the mails/ ppts reach the client, all hell will break loose i am sure.

One chap even came and asked me.. hey i am not able to find the colour blue you have put in.. can you pls do that... i didnt know what to do.. whether to laugh or cry...

Actually its a good technique.. less work