Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Graced by her presence

A kite flew into our home today... our balcony.. this huge magnificient thing.. with its wings spread majestically.. saw it approaching our balcony.. though the flight was not the great swoop you usually see it doing.. I actually thought it was an eagle.. was enlightened by my husband that it was a kite.. i ran back screaming into the house.. to get my husband not because i was scared or something!!! The door was anyway closed!!

So as this kite sat on our balcony railing, all these crows suddenly came and started hovering around this poor kite... and we were like why is the kite sitting still.. i am sure it can eat these things for breakfast!!! And then one of the crows pushed... actually shoved the kite.. and it fell into our balcony..

We figured out it was injured as it was hopping around.... and thought maybe we should call animal shelter.. as the crows just wouldnt let it be.. even before i completed my statement.. the kite put her head out of the balcony.. wriggled out through the grill.. and swooped up.. pretty much like its normal flight.. but it hardly went up a few metres.. when it came down again.. and sat on some ledge.. the idiotic crows still troubling it...

And at that point i left for office.. called up my husband later from office to check on the Kite status... it had apparently disappeared from the ledge!!

Hopefully, it is sitting in some corner... untroubled, undisturbed... hope its ok!!!

ps : we did get an opportunity to click a few snaps when it was sitting peacefully on the railing.. will put it up over the weekend...


Scarlett said...

Oh, you mean the bird Kite! I thought you meant the kite people fly! And I was wondering how a kite can eat crows!! Lol. I've never seen a kite in my life, you know. The bird I mean. Put up the pictures.

The other day I was watching Globetrekker on Travel & Living. They were in New Zealand where there was a sheep shearing competition going on. And I felt so bad watching the sheep being sheared. These people were twisting & turning the sheep any which way & running the razor through it's skin b/c they not only had to shear as many sheep as they could in a minute, they also couldn't leave a single strand of wool on the sheep's body. Poor sheep were bleeting! It was horrible!

BTW, the sheep:human ratio is NZ is 10:1. Can you beat that??

Moonshine said...

I meant the bird kite!!! My balcony has a lot of wildlife.. of course this the first time, such a big animal flew in.. but generally theer are butterflies of all colours.. squirrels.. small birds (dont know the names).. mynahs.. etc.. Am still happily feeding squirrels everyday!!! :)

Shearing sheep looks extremely scary and painful.. i guess it is not.. but they must be getting nicked am sure!!!!!