Monday, January 12, 2009

Its gotta be the Slumdog Millionaire this weekend..

Mumble mumble.. bcz i am going to be mumbling about many things today ....not really.. i have just been watching Golden Globe Awards on TV.. so its got to be a post on Slumdog Millionaire.

You cannot, absolutely cannot feel anything but pride in A R Rahman winning an award.. and in a movie winning 4 awards despite there being all these big shot movies of Brad Pitt, Leonardo di Caprio.. get the picture???And it won the best score, sreenplay, director and movie awards.. with a clutch of actors .. the only known face being Anil Kapoor, if you ostensibly do wanna call him a known face!!! The underdog movie about underdogs stole the thunder (couldnt resist taking that cheap shot) :)

Apparently the Brit movie about India is about a poor kid making it big .. winning big money on KBC.. and some people were saying that as usual it highlights the same old stuff about India.. the poverty, the crowds etc etc.. cant comment too much about it without having seen it.

Many of course indulge in reverse snobbery (refer to one of my earlier posts.. hehehehe.. i am glad that i could actually use this self invented phrase.. so do i become the father, no the mother of this for thought..).. why should you care if an Indian won an award at Golden Globe.. or rather you should care the same amount if he i.e. AR Rahman won an award for Jodha Akbar in Filmare!!!

But there is something about the world recognising talent.. and yes it is the world.. as they said, it was broadcasted in some 160 + countries (not too sure if i got that number right).. but nevertheless a big number!!! Our very own genius (read Rahman) winning an international award.. not some obscure award too.. an internationally well recognised (by all and sundry) award!!!!

And I am sure you know that SRK was invited to present the movie (Slumdog Millionaire) to the audience.. what???? You didnt know????? People at lunch didnt know too.... anyway he was invited.. and introduced as the "King of Bollywood" (roll eyes.. keep rolling them) and talked some stuff.. did an "Indian pelvic thrust" in his own words to celebrate the movie winning awards!!! Sighhhhhhh

But anyway, I am so waiting to watch Slumdog Millionaire.. Its releasing this Thursday or so i hear!! Need to toss a coin b/w Chandni Chowk to China and Slumdog Millionaire... hmmmm (thinking hard, finger on my chin).... maybe just maybe chance to watch back to back movies!!! On that good thought, i will retire :).. oh and Cheers to Slumdog Millionaire!!!


Scarlett said...

Really proud moment for India. I knew SRK presented the movie but the "King of Bollywood" thing was bit much....Sigh!

Serendipity said...

gotta say this. while the rest of Hollywood looked crisp and well dressed in their suits, he chose to wear a SEQUINED tie, INSIDE his shirt. errrr. he shudve taken pointers from a very well turned out and appropriately dressed Anil Kapoor..

Random Words said...

This whole Shahrukh thing diverts the attention!!! See the other 2 comments :)

Anyways, i agree that the movie portrays India in a different (read true) light, that of poverty but am glad that the world liked it and recognised it!

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett - Bollywood itself i find a derogatory term.. why cant they say Indian film industry

@Serendipity - I know!! He looked like a character from some movie!!!! Anil Kapoor was dressed well but he looked as if he had nto shaved for days!!!

@Random words SRK is in the news for all the wrong reasons!!! But yeah he is an attention grabber whatever said and done!!

Some people at work have seen this movie.. and are saying that it has shown India in a very bad light!!! I still want to watch and see for myself!!!