Saturday, January 3, 2009

Its a Blockbuster for sure : Ghajini

I loved it. Its a fantabulous movie!!!! 3 hrs + and you dont even realise it!!

Its an Aamir Khan movie... an out and out Aamir Khan movie.. and boy is he good!!! This movie shows precisely why Aamir Khan is Aamir Khan and SRK SRK!!!!

An extremely violent movie.. but you never flinch.. because you are right there with the protaganist... by his side... feeling his confusions.. his frustrations.. wanting to tell him.. thats who you came to kill, remember...

Aamir Khan is an absolute dynamite in the role of Sanjay Singhania! He is extremely convincing in this role.. in fact the romantic side or the earlier version of the businessman Sanjay Singhania is shown much later into the movie.. even when they show him to be this nice reserved person.. a total ladies man.. you dont feel surprised.. you dont even pause to think of how this transformation from a sensitive sweet character to this killing machine is possible.... perhaps because the killer Sanjay Singhania has character to his personality.. a sensitiveness... you kind of get attached to this at times violent, at times blustering bumbling person!!

Aamir Khan as a romantic.. va va voom... he is so not over the top!!! He is completely normal.. behaves like any one of us normal people in love!!! He is brilliant... subtle and brilliant.

I loved this movie. Yes it is violent.. yes you can hear the bones crunching, the earth moving etc etc.. but all through these scenes, you still are with Aamir Khan in his travails as Sanjay Singhania and dont lose sight of the story.

Asin was quite nice ... in fact one of my colleagues at work (who also is a mallu) said that she is quite impressed that Asin is a mallu actress!!! lol!! She plays a sweet character.. a lovable character.. i like the part wherein she keeps talking about how she meets Sanjay Singhania!! But some bits are over the top.. helping blind man cross the street .. helping some kids etc etc.. yeah it was required for the build up to the scene of her getting killed.. but still!!

The scene in which she dies... is shot amazingly well... there are no histrionics.. she just comes out and asks her fiancee to leave.. there is no screaming and no shouting... she actually looks terrified... she was damn good in that scene... and she is not decked up.. like they tend to show their heroines in any other movie... all decked up even when sleeping!!!! That scene will stay with you.... i thought it was quite beautifully shot.. i think i already said that.. but never mind...

Jiah Khan was not that great.. she was ok.. her accent shows.. and looks very ill placed in the movie. Was her character even required... yeah maybe for the last scene to save Aamir khan that one blow..

The songs are of course good... has to be with A R Rehman! You cant have it any other way. Lattoo was slightly misplaced.. was not really required.. it didnt really contribute to the movie!!

But everything said and done.... It is Aamir Khan's movie. And he is the only person you focus on throughout the movie irrespective of which aspect of his personality he essays... the sensitive guy, the businessman, the shy guy .. the guy who declares his love in a bus in a pretty matter of fact way... the violent guy with splecks of spit coming out.. snorting in rage... the frustrated guy who doesnt know where he is everytime... the organised guy who organises his insane life/ memory .. well in a very organised manner... the lost soul.. the anguished soul.. all of these facets of the personality are brought to life by the one and only Aamir Khan.

You are with him throughout the movie... and thats what you will remember too post the movie! Everyone else... nice but Aamir.. rockstar!!!!


Scarlett said...

Aamir Khan was the only part of the movie I liked. For obvious reasons. The movie had 'South Indian Director' written all over it. Some of the action sequences were so Rajnikant!!

Moonshine said...

Were they... Rajnikant sequences are more in the category of unbelieveable.. i thought these looked pretty believeable.. he seemed to be on a if nothing could stop him.. and he of course he looked the part!!!

The knife said...

well at least you went against the grain when you wrote this. But I have heard others too say that AK was very good.

We saw parts of the movie on silent. We were at another couple's place on NYE and they were showing this on cable

BTW I think the villain was in a Salman Khan film called Baaghi

Moonshine said...

Oh.. so you didnt hear the bone crunching et all...Actually i think the impact would have been higher had there been no background music during the action sequences!!!

You remember the villain in Baaghi????????? Thats something!!!!

And on the villain thing, somehow i feel they should have had a very suave and sophisticated villain... esp since they say he is the CEO of soem pharma co!!!

Scarlett said...

And especially because they've named the movie after him! Which is a first for Bollywood. Imagine Mr India being called Mogambo or Karma being called Dr Dang. What fun!!

Moonshine said...

I love Dr Dang and my husband usually gets speechless when i recite that dialogue from karma...

"Dr Dang ko aaj pehli baar kisi ne thappad maara hai.. is thappad ki gunj suni tumne.. is thappad ki gunj ki gunj tumhe sunayi degi.. sunayi degi na" Love it!!! :)

The knife said...

actually he wasn't a villain there. He was a college class mate of SK. They used to call him Buddha. Kiran kumar was either the villain or SK's dad. I think the latter
Scarlett: on the naming after a villain thing, apparently a belief in the Hindi film industry is that no film where the hero is a chor can be a hit

Moonshine said...

Kiran Kumar was Salman Khan's dad i think... or was it in Pyar kiya to darna kya ..

But SRKs movie Baazigar was a phenomenal hit! And even Darr..