Thursday, February 19, 2009

30 workouts and counting

I completed 30 days of workout!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder I am feeling totally drained and exhausted!!! :)

So post the 30 day workout they take measurements.. to check if you have met or started meeting your objectives or not!!!

There is absolutely no change in me after 30 days of working!!!! No change in the inches.. not lost inches across various body parts... except for like 1/3rd 1/4th of an inch in a place or two!!! And if anything, i have gained 500 gms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

So i asked her... this is not good right? AT least somehting should have changed.. for the better or worse.. but a change nevertheless... She tries to console me .. " you see your muscles are developing, thats why the gain.. " and after sometime "you see, different people have different objectives.. for me i would be happy with the your result" To which i replied " hahahahahahahahahahahaha.."

But it is really strange... how is it possible.. that a person who doesnt exercise at all... post 30 days of working out is exactly the same!!!

I keep telling myself and all others around me.. I am feeling really fresh.. (the first line is meant to be funny).. i am feeling fresh.. more flexible..

Hmm...the things we say /do to ease our mind!!! :) No no, i am feeling more flexible, definitely !!

One of my aunts... on meeting us exclaimed..

Aunt: you have lost weight.. no not you.. you (husband)..
Me: dont you mean me?
Aunt: you (me)?? Not you .. him... you look exactly the same.. he looks as if he has lost 2 kgs..

So much for gymming!!!
Though i am not trying to lose weight.. i wish people could just say something like.. oh you look fit etc etc

I wonder in such cases who would be more frustrated.. people like me (if they exist) or the instructors (why the hell am i wasting my time with this woman kind of a frustration)... i guess people like me because we have paid!!!!


Psyched said...

u luk ( err... sound) fit...


Scarlett said...

Gym instructors are big time frauds. They just try to save their backside. A week after I started gymming I gained 2 kgs! In one week!! I was horrified!! They started telling me things like 'you've gained muscle...don't pay much attention to the weighing scale, losing inches is more important' ya di ya da. Then I started working harder & got back to my original weight. So these instructors are really full off crap. Especially the women instructors...they themselves are really out of shape & know nothing about fitness.

Moonshine said...

@Psyched Thank you i think!!! :)

@ Scarlett I totally agree with you!!! Skipped gym today .. in protest :)