Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rice eating inclinations!

I love rice!!!

When i was a kid, we used to always cook rice at home as dad liked rice.. rotis would be a weekend / winter or something like that phenomena.. actually it was not that infrequent ... at least a once in 2 days affair (we at times had roti subji for breakfast) but as compared to the frequency of rice consumption.. there existed a big gap!!!

So when growing up, i used to look forward to eating rotis!!! Used to love it!! Till i went to a hostel!!!

It was then that i developed, rather discovered this hidden intense longing for rice... My south indian blood coming to the core ...

And when i started working, initially i used to carry a tiffin box which my mom used to pack for me.. i used to take rotis.. it didn't help that rotis would become soggy, just limp... and then i told my mom to pack rice for me and life limped back to normal.. in fact i became very popular during lunchtime... as everyone would be fascinated with what i got.. south indian gravies.. many of them are quite cooling.. esp in the Delhi heat..

So somehow, i started loving rice.. in winters its amazing.. in summers too you can have lukewarm rice with something or maybe just curd rice and feel great.. you basically do not need hot rice!!!

And of course after marriage my tendency is to make and eat rice... at least i do not need to slave over a stove!!! Making rotis for me is a project.. which i execute over weekends (not every.. sometimes) .. because it takes me quite some time to knead the dough and make shapeless rotis.. very talented at it.. shapeless comes naturally to me!!!!

Also you need to chew more in a roti... and fresh rotis taste good.. not pre made.. even heating pre made rotis doesn't make it totally fresh and hot!!! Heating it just makes it crispy.. it can be broken into pieces!!! Cold rotis sit like a lump in your stomach (actually so does cold rice ..nevertheless)... Rotis are dry and at times its difficult to ease it down your throat...

And of course.... with rice.. the mix of gravy / subji is perfect.. you can mix it till you attain perfection.. with rotis.. tough...

But everything said and done.. theres nothing like hot rotis drizzled with ghee.. overflowing with ghee .. during winters.. to make you feel content!!!! :)


The knife said...

The funny thing is I didn't like rice while growing up. Blame that on my Brit upbringing. Developed a taste for rice more after I came to Bombay I think when I began to miss food Bong food. I have still not reached the Bong of Far Eastern extreme of eating rice before I leave for work. But nothing gives me a nice satisfying feel in a meal as rice...and to my girth too. I am very picky about the sort of rice I eat - firm, grainy, long and don't eat rice at work because most canteens offer fairly sad rice. I don't like cold rice

Moonshine said...

Hot rice with ghee tastes fab!!! Cold rice sits like a lump in the stomach!!!