Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bell bajao campaign

This new campaign has been on air for last couple of weeks or maybe more but i have seen it only recently!!! A brilliant brilliant campaign!!!

I have seen 3 executions - one with Boman Irani who rings the bell to make a telephone call, a guy who asks for milk and kids who want their ball back... the entire concept is based on prevention of domestic violence... its a beautiful ad.. very impactful.. i hope its as effective.. i mean that the idea is quite effective but i hope that people do do that!!

Many many years ago, when we used to be in delhi... our neighbours were really nice but at times prone to violence.... once he was hitting his wife.. and just wouldnt stop.. finally my mom ran in to their house.. to their bedroom... and it stopped because she was there!!!! She didnt have to say or do anything at all!!!

This campaign captures it so well!!! Its really brilliant!!! And i do truly believe that a simple act of ringing the bell can save many women from the torture that they have to undergo!!! And this ad shows men intervening to prevent violence!! I loved the communication!! If only we all could be a little alert.. a little attuned to these things that happen around us!!!

This campaign has been developed by O&M for an NGO called breakthrough.. they even have a site.. !!!!


the-mommie said...

So odd! I was going to put in a post about the same thing today! I too found it interesting that they're showing men intervening in each instance.

Scarlett said...

Are you talking about the lassi-in-washing-machine making family?

Domestic violence is a horrid thing. The ad is so simple yet so impactful. Who would've thought that a simple act of ringing someone's bell can prevent women from being physically abused! All you need to do is get yourself to ring the bell.

Moonshine said...

@Mommie great minds think alike!!! :) It is really nice that they are showing men in the ads as opposed to women!!!

@Scarlett Yes you got that right!!
I dont know how or why people even tolerate it for so many years!!

Random Words said...

but don't you think doing something like this isn't a permanent solution for such a problem? Some people would object on terms of family privacy!

Moonshine said...

It may not be permanent..but at least you can make it felt that things do not go unnoticed!! Family privacy??????????? When someone is a victim of violence!???