Monday, February 2, 2009

Hullo I am back

Back from Kerala... take a wild guess on what this post is gonna be about... well... tick tick 1.. tick tick 2.... tick tick 3... A post about Kerala!!!!!!!!!! SURPRISE SURPRISE!!!! :)

Ok.. ok.. so i am zonked out.. a little.. just a wee bit.. please excuse me :)

Kerala was quite amazing.. the train journey.. oh well... hmmm.. ah... hmmm.. ok.. some part of the long journey rescued by husband.. we did a lot of tp!!! The first night was ok.. the next day we were up at 7am.. to kabza karo the bathroom before people start using it!!! 7am-12.30pm is a long time when you are in the train.. you can only do so much tp.. and moreover they were not serving any tea.. my lifeline!!!! They were only serving horrible coffee.. i mean i am ok with coffee but what they served was horrible!!!

But this entire 7am-12.30pm length of time was forgotten when we stepped into heaven (read Taj Green Cove, Kovalam).. FANTABULOUS PLACE!!!!!! A must go place for couples.. utterly romantic.. they have these cottages (no rooms).. very very charming cottages.. surrounded by trees.. and each a bit further from the other.. which gives you a feeling of seclusion!!!! A very beautiful place..

We were to go to the Padmanabhapuram palace (quite a mouthful .. try pronouncing) .. but were advised against traveling that day as it was already late!! So we stayed put at the hotel.. spent some time on the beach.. sat on the swing (remember the olden days swing with a wooden fatta) and swung on the beach.. did a bit of boating for free in their lagoon.. also , hold your breath, did archery!!!!! And i won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (applause, applause!!!) I scored 22 points.. many of my bows did go above the bullseye board and landed in some trees.. was worried about having hit some human being.. to which i was told i might have hit some crows .. thats about it... in jest of course!!! The people we played with were from haryana.. and asked us if we were on our honeymoon!!!! :)

A little more timepass later.. we dined on the beach.. extremely extremely romantic.. candlelit dinner below the stars and by the sea!

Next day was the wedding.. We reached the venue at around 10.30-10.40... and like any mallu wedding, it was over and done with by 11.15!! The funny part was.. i know i have talked about this earlier too.. but everytime is see it, its just so weird that i need to tell someone... like all mallu weddings.. the wedding was just about getting over when the door to the lunchroom opened.. and suddenly everyone stood up and just streamed into the dining area!!!! Till then everyone was sitting quite peacefully!!! And this happens without fail at every mallu wedding... hosted in kerala... like you remove a plug from the basin or the bathtub and the water immediately gushes out and drains out.. very similar to that!!! And then post lunch.. people wish the bride/groom.. and leave immediately.. so by 1pm only close family were present in the hall!!! I am always amazed at this!!!! Maybe people are hungry or they want to sleep.. lunch was quite good.. a full sadya (feast).. was in a stupor after that.. so maybe it is about sleeping!!!

Post wedding, we roamed around Trivandrum a little with my parents... went to a place called Velli and did a spot of boating (motor boat) in backwaters.. and then Shankhmugham beach.. an extremely pretty beach.. met some old family friends and our day was over..

Next day back in the train.. chugging along to our hectic life and work ..:( ... reached today early morning only.. there was this family in the next compartment.. grandparents (really old and coughing throughout).. parents.. 2 kids (one of the 2 a small baby).. with tons of luggage.. dont know how they managed.. with the baby wailing throughout the night.. and luggage coming apart.. carrying all baby stuff.. very tough it must be!!!!! To get everyone off at the platform with all the luggage.. it took them about 5 full mins!!!!!!! Life is tough!!!

Anyway, next is what ( i mean trip) is the question .. and we have already been issued another wedding invite for september!!! :)


Scarlett said...

Archery is fun! Though I'd rather hit human beings with my bow than animals. Oh yeah, I wouldn't mind hitting pigeons either! God, I hate them!! This trip of yours did sound like a 2nd honeymoon to me too :)

PS: Why didn't you guys fly?

Scarlett said...

Sorry, I meant 'with my arrow'.

Moonshine said...

Quite a sight.. you chasing people with a bow in hand !!! :) SJit birds... these pigeons!!

We spent only a day together... had a lot of fun!! Then we were with parents then on.. so second honeymoon.. not really :)

Husband had booked the train tickets long time back when the air fares were still high!!!