Friday, February 13, 2009

Wearing a skirt is liberating!!!!!

Well... I will be.. there sure has been a change that has come over me in the last many years!!!When i was a kid, my mom used to make me wear these cute knee length skirts.. and i would be like.. please not skirts!!!!!!!!! Actually frankly i never commented on dressing.. it used to be the farthest thing from my mind.. and my old pics show it!!!!!

There was a time when i used to be attracted to salwaar kameez... with dupatta!!!! Dupatta was really really important!!! Only kurta salwaar.. uhuh.. not happening!!! I guess that was the time, or thereabouts, that i discovered the feel of chiffon on skin!!! :)

And now that i am old.. about to turn 30... things are going in reverse.. i like wearing kurtas w/o dupattas..capris.. shorts..though i do draw a line at wearing a pair of jeans with colourful designs or patches (as we used to wear earlier)...

There is nothing more pleasurable that i can think of than wearing a knee length skirt!!! You might think if i like it so much, i must be wearing it every other day!! Not true really.. there are a lot of things that you need to ensure before you can decide on wearing a skirt!!!!

1) Your legs need to be nice and shiny and hairless as opposed to dry with hair/without hair!!!
2) Your face needs to be equally nice/ shiny!!! You need to look at least bright (read bleached) and nice (read eyebrows done)!!!
3) State of arms... same as point 1

Point 2/3 are not a precondition to wearing a skirt! But then whats the point of wearing a skirt and looking dull and oily!!! I tried my bit to explain this to my husband today in the morning ( I wore a skirt today) ... he didn't get the connection between skirt and face at all!!!!! His expression said it all... an expression which said "what????????????????????????????? (question marks raised to power infinity)".

So the point being - wearing a skirt makes you extremely feminine.. flouncy in your gait...petite.. slim... cheerful and bright.. and you cant help but feel good!!! And no one / not a thing in the world can then make you feel anything but whatever i just said earlier!! So if you are bored an depressed.. wear a skirt and see how the sun shines upon your day!!!

Any doubt as to why it makes you feel liberated?


the-mommie said...
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the-mommie said...

gosh! now i'll just HAVE to go buy one for myself won't I! :)

Moonshine said...

Lol!!! You have a cupboard full of those!!! Pls check!!! :)

Scarlett said...

Wearing skirts doesn't only make you feel feminine, they're also very feminine. I love wearing them with stilletos (for a dressed up look) as well as oshos (for a casual, spring/summer look). I love skirts!!!!!!!!!!!! I have so many of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))
And you're right, there IS a connection between skirts, legs, arms & face. Even hair! It has to look nice, feel clean & bouncy & smell nice!!! Men can't understand this because they've never worn a skirt!!!!!

Moonshine said...

And i dont know the relationship b/w skirts and cheerfulness.. you wear skirts and feel cheerful OR you wear skirts because you are cheerful!!! Anyway you look at it... SKIRT = CHEERFUL :)

Scarlett said...

I've been so stressed out, have been making so many mistakes typing. I meant 'Wearing skirts doesn't only make you feel feminine, they're also very comfortable (not feminine again :)

Yeah, you generally tend to wear skirts on days you're feeling happe. So skirts does = cheerfulness!

Moonshine said...

Cig stress!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

"Men can't understand this because they've never worn a skirt!!!!!"

that's what you think... LOL

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous and can totally agree that skirts feel very liberating and pleasurable to wear, I love to wear one when alone at home. Women wear everything that men wear but mens clothing is so boring and limited and certainly not fun to wear just functional. I think that us men should now claim sexual equality in the same way that women did in the last century.