Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bored today

Extremely boring day today... woke up late.. at 9.15am and ran to work.. i think it started from there!! Bored at work.. bored at the gym..bored at home.. bored watchign Tv.. bored eating..boring conversations... i think when you are bored, the entire universe conspires to make it all the more boring!!!!! I dont know people say "how can you be bored.. there are so many things to do".. yeah right!!!!!


Scarlett said...

How can you get bored? There's so much to do! Lol :)

I know...we all have certain 'off' days.

Moonshine said...


Yesterday was an off day.. totally... and BTW its quite uncanny.. but someone, a friend always messages on my off days!! Dont know how she knows... ;)

Scarlett said...

It's called 'women's intuition' ;)

And remember, you are always FABULOUS...even on your 'off' days!!! :)))

Moonshine said...

Will try to remember that ma'am!!! :)