Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Falling in... so hard on the knees!!!

At the gym , if i run, my knees, rather my left knee specifically hurts!! BTW i run only for a few mins!! Which got me thinking about all the (un) graceful falls i have had till now!!! They have been really ungraceful.... what else would you expect with a Klutz!!! I am very very very clumsy.. i have butter fingers.. butter legs too!!!:)

One of my first accidents i remember... i was really young and had just learnt cycling.. and the first time my dad left the cycle after giving it a nice push.. i was so excited that i turned back to wave and immediately climbed on to someone's veda (dunno what its called.. that little raised portion in the front of a house) and fell!!!

Another one was when playing gallery... i was guarding one stretch.. we were not supposed to allow anyone to cross.. the leader of my team could guard from anywhere.. she had freedom of movement while we could only move inone direction... so to stop someone from crossing, i ran at full speed and so did she and wham.....we ran into each other.. she on top of me .. and of course it didn't help that she was quite heavy.. i fell on the road on my side.. couldn't smile for days!!!!!!

As an adult too, i have had these "accidents"... was in college first year when i fractured my hand.. a hairline fracture.. doing what.. playing chain with friends at India Gate.. the doctors would first ask me.. which class/ school do you study in.. when i told them i was in college.. the next question used to be how did you manage to do this.. and i would be like.... errrr.. playing....

Once i started working.. i had a muscle tear ... i used to roam around wearing a knee pad... how did i fall.... i fell off a chair!!!!

And last year.. i fell inside a chair and scraped my shins... still have the scar to show!!! Its so embarrassing to tell anyone .... i mean. falling off chairs and tearing muscle.. it looks so much better if i could say i was playing tennis or something and hurt myself!!

And of course i keep walking into doors / glass/ table etc etc .. name it , i walk into it!!!


Scarlett said...

I'm accident prone too. Up until now I've broken my collar bone (when I was a crawling baby), dislocated my shoulder, broken my ankle (while running down the stairs, it just snapped & I could hear the sound!) & fractured my little toe (I was walking - simply walking - at Bandstand!)

And BTW, about your knee hurting when you run at the gym - It means you're over-doing it. Either running at a higher speed than you are ready for or running for longer than your joints/muscles can take at this point of time. I had this problem too. They made me walk for a few days instead of run & do lower body stretches & it became OK :)

the-mommie said...

OMG i laughed so hard reading this post. couldn't help remembering the india gate spectacle. u failed to mention you were being tugged along by a kid 5 years younger to you! ROFL!

The knife said...

I was chased by a dog in my first vist to india at Pandara Rd. I don't remember which of us was plumper. i was 5 then

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett I remember your toe fracture thing.. it ahppened when i had just joined.. and everyone visited you at home and all that!!! :)

I am apparently running at a higher speed... my knee they say is weak.. so given a couple of knee exercises.. and been asked to walk for 2 weeks.. and then try running!!!

@Mommie So what if he was 5 yrs younger than me.. boys have a lot of strength.. i remember flying through air!!! My wrist still hurts at times!!! :)

@Knife A big dog or a small dog?? And who won?

All of us have so many of these experiences!!!! My mom once was chased by a cow!!!!! rofl

Random Words said...

I and 3 of my friends were chased by a berserk bull in the middle of one of the busiest streets of Bhopal. We were running like mad dodging all autos and bikes and people were having a good laugh!

Moonshine said...

Yeah that would be funny!!!! How did you dodge it finally?

One of my friends was standing in one of the crowded delhi markets.. a cow next to her swished its tail and it caught her on the face!!!