Friday, February 20, 2009

People full of gas

Well, i am strongly motivated to write on this topic.. i saw Scarlett's bitchy post!!!! And i decided to supplement it with my own .. i find myself writing about this person i met a few days back.

Every statement of his starts with an "I".. i doubt if there is a "we" in the dictionary!!!

God forbid if you ever are in a discussion with a third person (along with him).. if you have bad throat or are bored of talking.. then definitely the right person to be along with!!!

If you ever say anything negative about this person... well you don't need to really worry.. he will never hear it... because he is so full of himself.. so he will see you lips moving.. you might be saying "you are such a sadistic ..." and he would probably construe that as " you are the best person in the world"... he doesn't ever stop praising himself..

Will take credit even for the earth rotating if possible!!!

Wish i could prick them to let out all the hot air!!!!

Have a happy weekend!!! :)


Scarlett said...

Pricking IS the way to go with such people! Pricks need to be pricked :)

Moonshine said...

You think??? How i wish!!!! :)