Monday, February 16, 2009

The kaajal post

I am calling it the kaajal post... as my husband says that i cannot possibly call it the V Day post.. at all!!!! So as the story goes..

Last couple of weeks i have been enamoured of Kaajal or eye liner.. i use it only during weekends when going out!! My make up is very very simple... i love the eye make up some women do at work.. not make up, make up.. just the eye liner.. it makes their eyes look so very beautiful!!! So finally i asked my colleague on how to go about it!!

I do use kaajal.. its the thick normal one that has been there in the market for donkey's years!!! I use it (as it used to be used) on my inner eye line.. i dont know what else to call it.. it looks pretty but goes off in a couple of hours!! The way my colleagues wear it.. not only does it stay.. their eyes look gorgeous!!! So finally i figured how to wear it by asking this colleague!! And realised you need a thin pencil not thick...

Even then, i so wanted to experiment .. that i tried it on Saturday with the thick pencil.. and figured out this girl's number (which was apparently wrong).. and messaged someone telling him/her that i experimented and that i was looking diseased!!! Wonder which poor soul got my sms.. but whatever!!!

The context here is.. in between all the kaajal try outs.. was the V day.. and off we went to a place called Kuteeram next to Protima Bedi's dance institute.. And all the way to this place.. at the place.. in the afternoon, evening, night.. i didnt miss a chance to a) preen at every opportunity b) ask my husband if he can notice an change.. options being - is it the same as before or different.. if different then better or worse!!! I am researcher.. cant help it!!!!

Of course it was very very romantic and all that!!! A chat under the star lit sky.. ghazals in the background.. magic show (weeeellllll yeah!!!!)... it was fun.. and the place had turkey.. geese and hen roaming around.. alive!!!! We played carom and i lost :( but never mind we girls routed the boys at Chiplun!!! So, its cool... sat and swung on a hammock too!!! Was really really fun!! I was narrating all the hilarious incidents in my life.. there are very many many such cases!!! We had a jolly good time!

The kaajal tryout happened the next day as well.... and the preening.. and the posturing.. i checked side profile, front profile.. i did say kaajal!!!! :)

And then i finally bought a thin pencil.. 2 of them actually.. one grey.. which i again applied after reaching home.. batting my eyes this way and that.. i know you cant.. you can only bat them straight but what the heck!!!

Yeah!!! Had a fun weekend.... i think my husband only remembers the kaajal bit now!!!!


the-mommie said...

ooh! i know wot you mean abotu the fab looking eyes people manage have after their eyes make-up's done. I've been wanting to do that too! infact!! and you WILL NOT believe this! I went searching for some good kaajal on saturday myself! i was actually looking for kohl sticks. i've tried it once before and its wonderful coz it doesn't smudge (even if, like me, you tend to forget you've got stuff around ur eyes and give it a good rub in the middle of the day!!) unfortunately, couldn't find it anywhere here. next attempt, back in delhi! :) so you see! ur not the only one with a kaajal fixation on V day! tell the hubby that! heheh! should convince him that we truly are perfect friends eh? ;)

Scarlett said...

Another trick is to use eye-liner pencil instead of a kajal. They're usually the thin pencils & they don't smudge. It's easier to give shape to your eyes with them. And of course, there is the evergreen 'smoky eye' look that yours truly has mastered over the years ;)

Moonshine said...

@Mommie Trying to find a eye pencil/ kohl in kerala is quite a difficult goal you have set for yourself!!!! Delhi is definitely a better bet.Remember parallel lives??? :)

@Scarlett Yes, you have mastered the fine art of applying eye make up!!!!!! Its because of you that i started considering it in the first place :) Should take lessons from you!!!